Do customers have responsibilities too?

Hello BEAUTYTALK i was thinking today, we always post on here our expectations of company's, but do you believe there is certain responsibilities for customers towards company's / sales associates? Do you think there isn't any and that customer is king? I was at a certain beauty store and noticed a customer brushing her hair with a brush then putting it back just to grab the one behind it!? So is there a code of conduct for customers as well?

Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?

For several years, I worked at my grandpa's grocery store in the "rich" part of town. It was awful. Most of the customers just had this horrible sense of entitlement and would blame me - the cashier - for everything. My motto had to be: let the customer think they're right.

I would imagine working in a bridal shop might be even worse. Bridezillas!

Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?

I definitely think customers need to show the sales associates, the merchandise and the entire store a level of common courtesy. Who hasn't been aggravated by long lines, out of stock items, etc. but what amazes me is the way people deal with it. 


Blaming the sales associate or yelling at them does absolutely nothing except makes you look like a bully in front of the other customers (except for those who would do the same thing). But being courteous and actually talking TO and not AT the sales associate can reap some wonderful rewards. I've had more than one SA go out of their way for me when I couldn't find an item in my size or color (they'll check other stores and have it sent to my store), or forgot a coupon (they have an extra! and look, another 10 percent one too!), etc.


I may not always walk out of the store with what I want, but at least I didn't raise anyone's blood pressure!







Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?

Yes, treat people the same way you would like to be treated!  Don't leave your rubbish around and if you drop something like nail polish talk to a worker...

My friends dropped Nars Andy Warhol Nail Polish all over the the ground and ran away, laughing, I was so pissed off and they left me hanging as if I was the one who did it and I just went to a worker to apologize for my friends and to clean the mess.