Dear BT; Chin Up, I still love you

Oh dear, where to start? Poor BT, we talk about you like you have a life of your own, yet you are here to let all of us express ourselves.


I remember when I first discovered you. It had to be at least 8 years ago. I barely knew what Sephora was, but hear was a place where I could post questions about makeup and skincare and other people would answer me? And I didn't even have to buy anything from Sephora? And I could talk about other stuff too? And get to know other people and have some fun? What magic was this?


At first I mostly lurked and read posts, but then I got brave and asked a few questions, and people replied to me! So I asked more questions. And I answered questions. And I offered my opinion. And the rest is history.


But my poor BeautyTalk. The internet has grown, and I guess we have become jaded. Many do not find you the magical place I found so long ago.  You have become the place where we can complain about Sephora and complain about you! Are you perfect? Of course not. But I'm no fool. There are rules. I play by house rules. I would really like heart parties on the main page, but I don't speak for everyone, and I don't make the rules, so that's cool. And yes, I do have the option of going elsewhere. And I do buy from Ulta, Nordies, and other places when they have better sales!


But they don't have anything like BeautyTalk.  And I do appreciate that Sephora has given me a place where I can talk about stuff even if it doesn't have to do with Sephora - sure, sales at Ulta or any other website, no problem. Any makeup or skincare that Sephora doesn't carry - post away. I think that's pretty cool.


I love all the friends I've made on BT and I'm not blaming anyone - heck, I've complained along with others. I just think we kinda started to think that BT was "ours" but in reality, it belongs to lots of people and not everyone wants the same things. So I, for one, am going to try to make BT the place it was when I first arrived. A friendly place where everyone was welcome and if you had an issue, you just messaged a mod or scrolled right past that message. Cause right after the message you don't like is a message you're gonna love.


Re: Dear BT; Chin Up, I still love you

Great thread.  My first post only came less than a year ago, 07-12-13, but then I lurked for a while before I became super active.  Everything was better when it was on the main page.  It stinks that we are days late to heart parties at times because we sometimes forget to venture over to no man's land.  Whenever I do not want to see something I always quote Dory and, "I just keep swimming, just keep swimming."  It is sad that some cannot adopt the same philosophy.  I do love BT and the majority of BTers.  This is a great community with mostly good apples.


Re: Dear BT; Chin Up, I still love you

Couldn't agree more! It's great that you are super active because your threads, and those of others with your philosophy, are what's bringing back the "original" BeautyTalk!


And like you said, sometimes we gotta "just keep swimming......"


Re: Dear BT; Chin Up, I still love you

So well said, Joeanne! I'm relatively new to BT. When I first started reading the boards, everything seemed full of rainbows and butterflies. But as I continued to read more and post more, I started to notice there are some total drama queens on the boards. People who