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Combat Boots?

Hey guys so I was watching a few videos from Stilababe09 on youtube (comment below if you love her as much as I do!!) and in one video from the past school year she was wearing the cutest combat boots and I was like OMG i soo want a you guys know where I can find some inexpensive ones for fall?! Thanks!

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PS srry i posted this in makeup but i didnt know where to post it lol

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I agree with everything above! I love zappos for their great variety, shipping and return policy, but gojane has some great deals. I'd even check with DSW I found a number of madden girl combat boots that were MUCH more reasonable.. (more reasonable than the $488 jeffery campbells i'd love to have that is). Smiley Sad Happy shopping!

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Re: Combat Boots?

You've been given a ton of good advice! I love Go Jane and Zappos for shoes. I'm actually in the market to purchase a pair of combat boots for fall. I have my heart set on these babies from Steve Madden. They're a little loose, and pair well with skinnies. The possibilities with these boots are endless though! They look great with dresses, leggings, and shorts. Most of my boots are poised and structured, so it'll be nice to add something that's a bit more casual to my collection Smiley Happy.



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Re: Combat Boots?

I'd try (if in your area):

  • Marshall's
  • T.J. Maxx
  • Nordstrom Rack
  • Steve Madden

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I LOVE combat boots and I have gone through a couple of pairs alreadySmiley Tongue I wear them almost everyday so cheaper ones for me wear out way to fast, the best ones I have ever had are Steve Madden. I love Steve Madden shoes, they are super comfortable and they always last me a long time. I have had these boots for 4 months and they still look brand new! ( that might not sound like a long time but for me it is! I do a lot of hiking and other outdoor activates which always take a toll on my shoes) also steve madden always has sales either in store or onine, so i bet youcan get em for a pretty good price, i got mine for 99 dollars i think.

ok and HURRY!!! i jsut saw that they have a 30% discount on there website so i bet you could get em for cheap!

I love shoes too.  Another great site to check is

I love shoes too.  Another great site to check is  They have great prices and always free shipping!  Good luck!

If you want any cheap and fashionable shoes, your first d...

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If you want any cheap and fashionable shoes, your first destination should be In addition to normal variety of shoes, they also have knockoffs from famous designers (just got a pair of Marc Jacob mouse flats knockoff and a pair of Miu Miu glitter heel knockoff yesterday). It's cheap and the quality is decent, no leather and stuff but will last you a couple years. I always buy flats and boots from them because I'm tough and go through them very fast. I do NOT recommend buying their boots/shoes with pencil thin stiletto heels because their footbed are not very stable and it's dangerous.


If you want quality and don't mind spending a bit, have e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. honestly. They also have an excellent shipping/return policy of 365 days if you didn't worn the item (kept the tag and didn't get the soles dirty).


I also like buying shoes from Amazon, just search for combat boots and filter by 4+ star reviews, rank by price and pick your favorites. =)


Heh, my love of skincare/cosmetics is second only to my love of shoes.

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