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This is really random, but I like how sephora calls their employees cast members. They do that in disney as well, and I think it sounds so much cheerier and nice than staff or workers. It also sounds like they are more unified. Just thought I would share that :smileyhappy:


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I'm a Sephora cast member, and I love it. The idea is that we're cast members, on stage, in costume, with leads and directors. It makes me feel like I'm not just working at a store in a mall; I'm playing an important role in a production that involves countless, talented individuals :smileyhappy:


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Sephora sounds like a dream job!!!


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I like this too! I feel important :smileytongue: I work at Disney & it is funny to get used to all the lingo, on stage, backstage, cast members, etc. 


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I didn't know they called them cast members, next time ill pay more attention.


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Hi Berniebeauty,


I have to agree too! I think it sounds more luxury and definitely agree that it sounds more unified:smileyhappy:

<3 Melissa

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Hi berniebeauty!


When I worked at a Sephora store I remember how the cast members had to gather "on stage" for a touchbase and to keep up to date on things with the store and company. And our displays are called bays and gondola's, its a definite fun change from most places! :smileywink: 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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