Best Gift with Purchases? From Sephora and Elsewhere?

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Hello my beautiful people!


As the holiday approaches, many beauty companies are offering amazing Gift with Purchases. What are you favorite/best Gift with Purchases from Sephora and not from Sephora?


My favorite GWP from Sephora has been the Classic ItKit offered last year around the holidays:


My favorite GWP from elsewhere is a tie between Dior and Chanel (both from earlier this year):


Chanel GWP: Perfume vial, mini mascara, mini makeup remover, skincare, and a baby Les Beiges. I got this from Macy's.



Dior GWP: Perfume vial, mini lip gloss, mini lash maximizer, a serum, a mini quint eyeshadow, along with a cute patent black Dior clutch. I got this from Nordstrom.


What are YOUR favorite GWPs from Sephora and elsewhere??


Re: Best Gift with Purchases? From Sephora and Elsewhere?

I highly recommend their mascaras! :smileyhappy:


Re: Best Gift with Purchases? From Sephora and Elsewhere?

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Thank you! I will for sure check out the mascaras next time there is a great GWP!


Re: Best Gift with Purchases? From Sephora and Elsewhere?

Agreed, I think Lancome's are the best, since they are more flexible, so you'll actually use (at least most) of them. And you don't end up with the same shades all the time. The only thing I haven't liked were some of the lipsticks since they were very strongly scented (very perfumey), I'm not that sensitive to scent. If you've tried L'oreal's lipsticks it is the exact same. But overall their sets really are the best


Re: Best Gift with Purchases? From Sephora and Elsewhere?

That best in classics set is so cute! 

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