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Hey guys, I wanted to share something thats important to me. JC Penney and the Salvation Army have come together again to help give presents to children and seniors that wont be getting anything unless they get adopted. You adopt online, you pick a child or senior, and you choose the sex, age and location of the person you will be helping out this Christmas. I participated in this last year , and am planning to adopt an angel again this year. I LOVE to physically help people out, throwing money into a basket doesnt make me feel like I did much no matter how much money I gave. Whenever my church asks for food for the homeless, I'm there. Clothes for babies who's teenage mothers live in a womens shelter? So there. Adopt a kid for Christmas? Absolutely. It all goes through the Salvation Army so you know its legit. JC Penney makes it super easy by allowing you to adopt online. I adopted a toddler, a 2 year old girl from a different zipcode than mine. I got everything on the list, it was mostly clothes and one toy that she asked for. You can pick the age, sex, and location of your child or senior and it will pull up at least 5 pages of options for you. Read through the wishlist and pick the one you can afford. You dont have to get everything on the list, especially if they are asking for crazy expensive luxury items. My child asked for clothes and a stuffed animal and I was able to get everything on the list for $50 at Target so everyone can help out, no matter what your budget. I LOVED the items that I got her and hope that she did too. I wish that the program would at least give me the first name of the child that I've adopted but I understand why they dont. It is incredibly rewarding and by doing this, you are helping poor people right in our own country because there are so many of our own children that really need our help.


The Adopt an Angel thing will start again this November and I cant wait to help out someone else!

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OMGoodness, SephoraMustHave! It is so Sweet of You to post about this informing Sephora Girls and others about Helping others in Need have a Special Holiday. :-) Reading Your post about how You have and continue to Help the less Fortunate by donating Gifts and YourTime just made Me about cry, Happy cry. :-) I also try to Help people by donating Toys and Clothing more around the Holidays. It is so very rewarding and makes Me feel Great knowing that I can make difference by just taking a little of time and money. I think I am going to check out online to Adopt an Angel also. ThankYou for Sharing this with all. You have a big Heart!! :-) HappyThanksGiving!! AngieB.

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angiepie---I do hope that you decide to join us and adopt an angel. Its very easy and fun! And its a way to directly give something to a person in need.


My packages have been delivered.


One was received on 11.22 at 7:02 am and the other one was received on 11.18 at 9:33 am. 


My mom send me her confirmation and her package was received on 11.21 at 10:41 am

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You know what I'm thinking of doing? Cleaning out my closet and my shoes in the garage that I no longer wear and donate it to one of those drop off boxes for charity. I do this every couple of years but I've never cleaned out my old shoes...I think that I still have shoes that no longer fit from when I was a kid! I take very good care of my items so everything should be in very good condition.

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Okay so I did end up cleaning my garage out of the old shoes. I actually filled up 4 large black trash bags ( the ones you use for lawn mowing) and I dropped them off at my nearest drop box. The broken shoes, shoes with holes in them and the broken flip flops went in the trash, cant donate those. I found 6 shoes that only have 1 shoes...grrr....the matching ones are somewhere in the garage and when I find them I'll donate them too.


Still have to go through my closet though....

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@Sephoramusthave, what a great idea! I can't say I've ever seen one of those Salvation Army boxes.. I usually drop my items off at the Goodwill store maybe 5 minutes away from me, but lately I have been taking my items to places that just donate the items I don't need. I'd rather someone who needs my jacket GETS my jacket rather than have to pay for it. 


While working from home one day my entire shelf with clothes (a temporary shelf!) fell on me. oops. It was the perfect time to go through my clothes though! I ended up with two huge bags of clothes to donate, but I think I'll follow your lead and go through my shoes too.  Happy Last Day of Diabetes Month! (I had to throw that in there Smiley Wink

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

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@angiepie-  It is so easy to adopt an angel online, I was very pleasantly surprised how simple it was!  It is nice that you can pick a child/senior from anywhere, not just your own community. My child is from New Orleans. Shopping was so much fun, those little baby clothes are just soooo cute!


Good luck picking out an angel, let us know what you do!

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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Here is their FAQ:

The Salvation Army Angel Giving Tree Online
2011 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Program Overview
What is The Salvation Army Angel Giving Tree Online program?
  • The Salvation Army Angel Giving Tree Online program presented by jcpenney is a national, online adoption program that allows customers to provide children, teens and seniors in need with Christmas gifts. jcpenney has made it easier than ever for customers to shop, buy and ship their gifts from the convenience of their home, office or anywhere in the world.
How does the Angel Giving Tree Online program work?
  • Visit to be guided through a short angel selection process. This year, you have the option of adopting angels as an individual or as part of a group. Adopting angels as a group allows your company, church, civic club or online community to adopt angels together. Just choose “find a group” to search for existing groups, or choose “create a group” to start one, before selecting your angel(s).
    After choosing an angel online, you will receive a confirmation email with all of the necessary details to help shop for your angel. Instructions will include the angel’s wish list as well as information regarding where to ship your gifts. This address will have to be manually entered during the checkout process on Deadline for adopting and shopping for an angel is December 9. Buying a gift card is always welcome, but after December 9 through December 13, the only option is to purchase a jcpenney gift card for your angel. These dates ensure that your angel receives your gift(s) in time for Christmas.
Who benefits from The Salvation Army Angel Giving Tree Online program?
  • As an extension of the traditional physical version of The Salvation Army Angel Giving Tree, this program provides gifts to children, teens and seniors who, due to financial hardship, may not otherwise receive a Christmas gift.
Why is jcpenney supporting the Salvation Army Angel Giving Tree Online program?
  • This is the third year that The Salvation Army and jcpenney have come together to expand the reach and convenience of a program that has helped millions of children, teens and seniors in need for over 40 years. jcpenney is the only retailer to offer Salvation Army Angel adoptions online. In 2010, nearly 70,000 angels were adopted online and we hope to far exceed that number in 2011.
Can I adopt more than one Angel?
  • Yes. You can adopt up to ten angels at a time.
  • Plus this year, you also have the option of adopting angels as part of a group, which allows your company, church, civic club or online community to adopt angels together. Just choose “find a group” to search for existing groups, or choose “create a group” to start one, before selecting your angel(s).
Can I adopt an angel with a group?
  • Yes. This year, you can adopt angels as part of a group, which allows your company, church, civic club, online community or any group to adopt more than 10 angels together. Just choose “find a group” to search for existing groups, or choose “create a group,” before selecting your angel(s). This way your angel adoption will count toward your group’s adoption total.
What is a group leader?
  • A group leader is the person who creates a group to adopt angels. The group leader will be the point of contact for the group and will be in charge of submitting information about the group and managing the group’s adoption goal.
How do I become a group leader?
  • You can become a group leader by creating a group. Just choose “create a group” and submit some basic information about your group, including a group name and the number of angels your group might realistically adopt. Before creating a group, be sure your specific group does not exist yet. Choose “find a group” to search for similar groups. This way, the same church, company, etc., does not create multiple groups to adopt angels.
How do I invite someone to join my group?
  • This year we have created resources, including posters, sample emails, Facebook posts and tweets to help you invite friends, family, coworkers, or anyone you know to adopt an angel or join your group. Choose “resources” to find everything you need to spread the word about Angel Giving Tree Online.
    Be sure to include your group’s name or the unique URL for your group page to make it easy for adopters to find your group. Group members must find your group and choose “adopt angels” from your group page to have their angel adoption count toward your group’s adoption goal.
Can I adopt an angel from a different community than where I live?
  • Yes. Simply enter the zip code or city/state of the community you would like to help during the angel selection process. Once you have selected an angel from that community, a confirmation email will be sent to you with further instructions.
Can I adopt a family of angels?
  • No. Angels may only be adopted as individuals, but you may adopt more than one.
I adopted an online angel but would like to exchange it for a different one. Is this possible?
  • No. We are unable to allow exchanges. All of the angels need our help this holiday season and we would appreciate your help in fulfilling the request for the angel you selected.
Can I adopt an angel at a jcpenney store?
  • No. Currently, angels can be adopted online at For more information regarding other ways to adopt an angel in your community, please contact your local Salvation Army Corps Community Center, which can be found by visiting and entering your zip code in the ‘Locations’ field
    You can also support The Salvation Army by donating to one of the iconic Red Kettles located outside jcpenney and many other retailers this holiday season.
I lost the email with the information about my angel? Can I have it resent to me?
  • Yes. Call             1.800.544.1305       for your angel information.
What is the angel ID code?
  • This is a tracking number used by The Salvation Army to ensure your gifts reach your angel.
There are no online angels available in my area, but I still want to help. How can I do so?
  • Please try another zip code or city/state; for example, your hometown, college town, or areas hit hardest by the economic downturn — remember, an address will be provided where you can ship your gifts.
  • Donations can be made to The Salvation Army by visiting Your support will help them deliver more critical services to individuals and families in need.
Are all angels on this website actual children, teens or seniors who requested these specific items?
  • In most cases, yes. However, in some instances, the requests reflect representative needs of children, teens and seniors in the chosen area. Regardless, any items you purchase will go directly to underprivileged children, teens and seniors in the area you select.
Can I order my angel gifts at
  • Yes. Please be sure to place your order no later than December 9 and use the appropriate Salvation Army shipping address that is provided in your confirmation email.
Do I have to shop at jcpenney for my angel?
  • No. You may shop anywhere for your angel.
Can I shop from multiple retailers for my angel?
  • Yes. You can shop for your angel at multiple locations and then ship or drop off your items, together or separately, as instructed in your confirmation email.
How can I be sure to buy the right size of clothing for my angel?
  • Sizing information will be provided in your confirmation email.
Do I need to buy all of the items on the wish list for my angel?
  • Whenever possible, it is preferred to fulfill the wish list for the angels; however, there is no requirement to purchase all of the items. If you are unable to fulfill the entire wish list, consider joining together with friends or family members to adopt an angel. The Salvation Army and the angels appreciate your generosity and any gifts you may choose to donate.
What if I cannot find an item on the wish list for my angel?
  • You may substitute a similar item if you choose.
Do the items have to be new, or can I give used items that are in good condition?
  • All items that you provide to your angel must be new.
If I purchase my angel’s gifts on, how do I ship them to The Salvation Army?
    • During the checkout process, you will be given the opportunity to enter a new shipping address. Click this option, and then enter the information as follows:
First name: Enter “SalvationArmy” (no spaces)
Last name: Enter your angel ID as noted in your email instructions
Address: Enter The Salvation Army address provided within your email instructions
      Click “complete” to submit the new address, and then select that address as the shipping destination when you are returned to the checkout page. 
There is no fee to ship if you enter “ANGELS” along with the verification code sent in your confirmation email.
Will I receive confirmation that the shipped items have been received by The Salvation Army?
  • No. Due to the volume of gifts received, The Salvation Army is unable to provide confirmation of gifts received. However, many shipping services allow you to track your shipment.
I adopted an online angel but have missed the shipping deadline. What should I do?
  • Please deliver your gift(s) to your local Salvation Army Corps Community Center for handling. You can identify your local Center by visiting and entering your zip code in the ‘Locations’ field. You also have through December 13 to purchase a jcpenney gift card for your angel instead.
Can I drop my gifts off at jcpenney stores?
  • No. Please refer to the email instructions you receive to identify the Angel Giving Tree drop-off location.
Can you ensure my gifts get to the right angel?
  • Every effort will be made to ensure your gifts reach your angel. In the event that a gift cannot be given to a particular angel, the gift will be given to another angel in need. All gifts received by The Salvation Army will help children, teens and seniors in need this holiday season.
Where do I deliver my gifts?
  • Delivery information is provided in the email you receive about your angel.
What is the deadline to get my gifts to The Salvation Army?
  • If you are ordering your gifts online at, it is recommended that you place your order no later than December 9. You also have through December 13 to purchase a jcpenney gift card for your angel.
MISC. Questions
Is my donation tax deductible?
  • Please be sure to save your Angel Giving Tree sales receipt(s) since contributions to The Salvation Army may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purpose, to the extent allowed by law.
My family is in need of assistance this holiday season. Where do I go if I need help?
  • Please contact your local Salvation Army Corps Community Center. You can identify your local Center by visiting and entering your zip code in the ‘Locations’ field.
What will you do with my contact information and email address?
  • Your email will only be used to support The Salvation Army Angel Giving Tree program unless you opt-in to receive additional communications from The Salvation Army or jcpenney.
If customers have any further questions, direct them to Customer Service at            1.800.544.1305      .

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I got my shopping done for my Christmas child! Smiley Very Happy And I got my mom to adopt a child as well. She adopted a 1 year old baby girl from Salem, MA. Now I gotta make my dad do this too! 


Here's what I got:


1 warm Christmas one piece footsie PJ 

A set of 5 colorful short sleeved onesies ( Carter brand)

1 blue with flowers long sleeved onesie ( Calvin Clein brand)

A set that comes with one warm Jacket, one pair of pants, and 1 white short sleeved onesie ( Carter brand)

1 pair of sneakers ( Pink with sparkles all over it Smiley Very Happy )


I hope I remembered everything...I already packaged it ( in a Sephora box! yay recycling!)


I got everything on the wishlist and more for less than 40 bucks at TJ Maxx so if you're on the fence about doing this, and you're afraid that you have to spend at least $100 or more, you dont. You just have to know where to shop. If you can afford places like Bealls, Kohls and JC Penney, thats cool. But for those that cant, there's other places too. 


I went shopping with my mom and we got things for both our adopted kids on the same day so here's what my mom bought:


1. 2 comfy pants, one black and one grey

2. 2 long sleeved shirts, one Snow White and one Cinderella

3. 1 short sleeved shirt


My mom's wishlist just asked for one pants and one shirt so she bought a little extra as well.

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I got all my shopping for my angel done this past weekend. I was lucky that I was working in a city that has a huge outlet mall, so there was a great selection of items to choose from.


My angel only wanted a top and bottom and a coat and wished for a stuffed animal, so shopping was pretty simple. I got her a couple of animals and a cute pink puffer coat and a pink top and leopard bottom. They has some great shirts on sale so I got a bunch of them, and I was done. Easy as pie!

Re: Be an Angel

Thank you SO much for participating prettyinpa! *Hugs*


I have one of my packages ready to go but still have to shop for my second child. Will try to get er done today so I can mail it off. 

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I got my shopping done today and I even went to the post office to mail it out! I paid extra for confirmation so that I know when the Salvation Army got it and I will let you all know when they do. I was planning on going to Ross BUT TJ Maxx is right across from a free standing Sephora so I went there instead because I wanted to try out some more stuff. When I start Christmas shopping I want to be able to go into Sephora, throw items in my basket and get out.


For Sophie I bought:


1. A warm jacket, its white with colorful polka dots on it, Carter brand

2. Warm lavender pants, Carter brand

3. White cotton long sleeved shirt with the word "cutie" on it, Carter brand


Smiley Very Happy

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I got my package mailed yesterday also!  I wanted to make one trip to the Post Office and had a bunch of stuff to finish up for work, so I got it all done and mailed off!  Delivery confirmation is just the best, you don't have to worry whether the package got there or not!  I figure about 3 days to New Orleans, should be in the Salvation Army before Thanksgiving. Isabella should be nice and warm with the little puffer I got her. I was debating how warm a coat I should get, but was advised that it can get pretty cold in New Orleans and babies always are colder than us adults, so I hope I did ok.


I plan to treat us to new bath towels and round up my old bath towels to donate to the animal shelter. Plus I got a free bag of dog food and turns out my dog doesn't do well with the bag I bought so both bags are going to the shelter. (Not that he is a picky eater but it doesn't agree with his sensitive digestion). Ah, what we do for our pets!Smiley Happy

Re: Be an Angel

prettyinpa---Thats so nice of you! I have a few towels that need to be replaced as well but I usually just trash them, I would never even think to ask an animal shelter if they need them. Thanks for the idea!


I went to church today and they put up the Angel Christmas tree! Its paper ornaments on a Christmas tree, and each ornament says either boy or girl, and one present that they need. I picked a boy (finally lol), he's 11 years old and he wants a pair of jeans. I just got back from Marshalls and I got him blue Levi jeans in his size and a brown Levi t-shirt with a motocycle on it and I'm getting ready to package it right now! ( So excited!)


What I didnt like about this year is that most children seem to be asking for a $25 giftcard to Walmart or Target and I dont like that because thats not guaranteeing me that the kid will get anything out of that. The parents can take that giftcard and buy makeup or alcohol or whatever with it instead of a presents for their child. You just never know. Plus, its not fun just picking up a giftcard, I want to have a image in my head of a child opening up a present under the tree. And a giftcard doesnt give kids joy. Last year the tree only had clothes and shoes and every year before that it was clothes and shoes. So I dont know whats up with that. 




I named him Zackary. 


Smiley Very Happy

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@sephoramusthave-  Sounds like you had fun shopping for your little boy angel!  Good choice with the Levi's, my brother used to wear out all other kinds of jeans really quickly, but the Levi's just kept going. And they wash up so well, some jeans with a high synthetic fiber component get stained really easy and don't look good after only a few wearings.  I agree with you about those giftcards also, who knows what gets purchased with those! Nice you got some cute things, you are such a good shopper!Smiley Happy


NIce name there, too!

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prettyinpa---Thanks!! Its due Dec. 11 at my church and I already have mine wrapped! Smiley Very Happy


Big Lots has a Toys for Tots drive every year, actually most stores do so whenever I see those boxes out I'll grab a toy on the way to checkout and drop it in there, much easier that getting a toy, bringing it home, then finding a place to drop it off later.


Oh and I got my dad to participate in too! He's doing something similar at work as well so I didnt expect him to join in but he did! He adopted a senior, a 77 year old man from Greenville Texas ( heck yes to Tex-as!)!) and I think he's already gotten his shopping done but I dont know what he bought. I'll get back to you if I ever find out. My dad refuses to name the man though! He thinks its stupid for a grown man to name another much older grown man. So I might have to do the naming for him....


What about Mason?

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Has anyone noticed that the post office is getting crazy expensive? Sometimes the shipping costs me more than the items in it. >_<


I mailed out a few gifts for Christmas and within the states, it doesnt matter whether I'm shipping within my state or out of it, because the prices are the same. I mailed out a couple of packages in Texas where I am and some to Boston and New Hampshire and the shipping is the same for both.


How is that possible?

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@sephoramusthave-  The Post Office charges Priority Mail fees for anything over 13 ounces. It seems to cost the same to send a package to anyplace in the continental US (I don't get it either), shipping to Alaska is really expensive, seems to cost about as much as international! UPS isn't much cheaper and they tend to beat up my packages worse than the P. O. My poor husband ordered a bunch of parts that came via UPS and by the time the box got to him, there was a big hole in it and half his order had fallen out! The worst part was that the hole was in the bottom of the box, so he didn't know that his order got lost until he opened the box, so he had a hard time filing a claim because they said he should have complained sooner!Smiley Mad

I do have to say that all my packages from Sephora have arrived intact lately, though now I have them shipped USPS.


Re name: Old dudes around here are all named Harold!

Re: Be an Angel

Harold it is! Smiley Very Happy


My dad did end up telling me what he bought and he got


1. Warm light brown sweater

2. soft warm long sleeved red shirt

3. soft warm long sleeved green shirt

4. a white golf shirt

5. a blue golf shirt


His list asked for a shirt and pants and he went overboard with the tops and forgot about the pants. Oh well. He shipped it out already. Smiley Very Happy


I havent shipped via UPS in awhile, I always go to USPS because they are so much cheaper and dont charge you for misspelling a street name by accident.

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@sephoramusthave- Your Dad's shopping sounds great! I think a haul of shirts is just fine, at least in my family, shirts get dirty a whole lot faster than pants, so it's nice to have a clean one to put on, saves doing laundry every day!


Yeah, how about UPS charging for a misspelled address?! In this age of computers, they certainly could fix the problem and at least around here, everyone is in their computer along with written directions to get to the house, so there is no excuse why they can't cross match the name to the address!Smiley Mad Since where I live, everyone lives up dirt roads from the highway, nothing would ever get delivered if there weren't written directions attached to the address. The Post Man has been the same guy for 15 years and grew up around here so addresses can just be as simple as a person's first name and the nearest cross street and they get to us! lol The downside is everyone knows your business too, so you want to behave!

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Oh! Last week I got a UPS package from Amazon delivered to my door, and it wasnt for me. I thought that the UPS guy just had a bad day and that it probably belongs to one of the other houses in my cul de sac area but it belonged to a house that way wayyyy at the end of that same street! 


And when I delivered the package their dog almost ate me alive!


I've never been a small town girl but I have plenty of family that lives in areas just like yours. Everyone knows each other ( which can be nice, every year for Halloween I check if there's any sex offenders in my neighborhood ( there arent) because I dont know anybody...I used to know a few but they all moved away and since then 2 or 3 new families have moved in and I dont know them) and everyone shows up at your door no matter the time of day.

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