April Showers isn't kidding.

I feel like I was gone forever. The past 2 days, its been raining and snowing. I lost my internet connection for 2 days! Hows the weather were you're living?



Re: April Showers isn't kidding.

Ugh in New Mexico spring can be pretty bad, its dusty and windy, everyone has allergies and the other day it snowed! Don't get me wrong I love snow, and we probably needed the moisture, but its April and I want to wear shorts haha.


Re: April Showers isn't kidding.

80 in california :smileyhappy:


Re: April Showers isn't kidding.

The weather in Nebraska has been crazy for this time of year but not that crazy. 


For a few days we dropped into 30's and had some sleet and flurries.  Today it's supposed to be 50 so that's a little closer to normal for April.


Re: April Showers isn't kidding.

Tornado warnings and a rained out baseball game in North Carolina :smileysad: But now, the skies are blue and the weather has dropped down to a reasonable temperature!

My hair (curly) is ruined tho...


Re: April Showers isn't kidding.

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We've had a mix of weather the past 2 weeks. It's been in the 80's some days, and 30's others. We started planting and de-winterizing a lot of plants & tonight it's going to drop to the mid 20's. I hope my plants don't get frostbite :smileysad: Considering it's late April, we haven't had a lot of rain, but we did have a lot of snow this winter & trees and plants are starting to come up. 

Surprisingly though I have seen a single squirrel or chipmunk, but all the other animals are out. I'm wondering where they are hiding... not that I'm complaining or anything LOL 


Stay dry! 


Re: April Showers isn't kidding.

Wow! I hope everyone stayed safe through your weather!


There are very few things I can think of that are more frustrating than internet outages.


I've been through three horrendous ice storms in recent years that have rendered me powerless for 7-13 days at a time. At first it is kind of an adventure....then I start going crazy!


Today it is predicted to get up to 62 degrees, but the wind is really blowing, so not exactly a great day to sit outside. After seeing your picture, I won't complain!


Re: April Showers isn't kidding.

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Lordy girl! I guess you had to park your car and bring out the boat for transportation.Glad your back!:smileyhappy: Also forgot to say the weather here has been stormy one day, cool the next, and warm the next. Ahhh gotta love mother nature.


Re: April Showers isn't kidding.

Holy cow, Bananachoo! O_O


The weather where I'm at has been pretty nice, my bf's family was in town the past few days so I was absent from BT. It was kind of drizzly, although no thunderstorms, but then it got pretty chilly, down to the mid 50s! Brrrrr, I had shorts on one day because the morning felt nice but come mid afternoon I regretted not wearing pants!

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