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Q. natural cleanser for sensitive skin prone to break-outs
Looking for a cleanser that really does the job. Sensitive skin, prone to break-outs so a natural salicylic or other active ingredients that removes dirt & make-up and doesn't leave an oily residue would be great! Any recommendations? Been looking at Boscia, Jurlique, etc. and reading the reviews...none seem to stand out as clear winners. Help would be much appreciated!
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A. I agree with madd44 - you may not react well to what works for others. bearing this in mind, I also agree with TallRed that the Soy Face Cleanser is the best cleanser in... see post
Q. dry skin and large pores
I want to use something natural. I have dry skin with enlarged pores. Is there something to help the dry skin AND help reduce the size/appearance of pores?
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Q. No more Korres Quetercin and Oak Day Cream :(
Sephora no longer carries my favorite day moisturizer "Korres Quetercin and Oak Day Cream with SPF 15".  It was not too thin, not too thick.  I am in my mid-30s  Any recommendations to sub for it? Thanks!
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Q. Makeup as an extension of my skincare?
I'm 19 and have dry/occasionally combination skin that can be sensitive. In the past year I have made a conscious shift to products that are naturally based (eg Korres, Ole Henriksen, Josie Maran, Laura Mercier) and free of harsh/damaging chemicals. I really want my makeup to enhance my skin and work as an extension of my skin care, rather than conceal it completely. I am looking for a tinted moisturizer/serum and a liquid or cream blush. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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Q. need a new makeup brand!
I have very sensitive skin so I have to use all natural makeup. For the past two years i have been using Bare Minerals but not it doesn't seem to work anymore. it doesn't look natural and smooth on my skin like it used to. Any suggestions for another all natural, easy application makeup?
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Q. Face Wash Recommendations
Does anyone have a face wash they recommend for use one to two times a day? I am looking for a wash that does many jobs for my skin. I have combination skin with a bit extra dryness and sensitivity.
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A. Hi Marsiedotes,   Have you ever tried the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser! I highly recommend it for you, it is fragrance- and soap-free so it does not dry out skin. I also ... see post
Q. natural products
I would like to try one of the "natural" skincare lines. I use Philosophy. Has anyone used Caudalie and/or Origins? Thoughts? I have dry, sensitive skin, and quite a bit of sun damage.
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Q. Josie Maran Argan Oil
I am all about organic products, & I recently  heard about Josie Marans Argan Oil & what wonders its supposed to do for your skin. However Im a little worried about putting this on my face because it looks to have a very rich, oily texture and obviously I dont want to break out! So my question is, DID ANYONE HAVE ISSUES WITH CLOGGED PORES, OR BREAKOUTS AFTTER USING THIS?   thanks!
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A. My daughter and I both have uber hypersensitive skin and this works beautifully for us.   I initially bought the Argan Oil for my 17 year old daughter's acne.  IT'S AM... see post
Q. 100% Pure?
has anyone tried any products from 100% Pure?  I have tried a few things but would like some advice on their eyeshadows and lip products. Also has anyone tried their skincare? How does it work for sensitive skin?
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Q. Sulfate Free Facial Cleanser
HALL OF FAMER kssweetheart / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / answered
A. Hi triciaann12 - I just checked out Bare Escentuals Cleansers for you, I thought they might be sulfate free and good candidates. The 3 cleansers listed here on Sephora's... see post
Q. Natural/organic cleanses/moisturizer/primer recommendations for combination skin!
Hey everyone!   I'd really appreciate any recommendations you guys have when it comes to going the natural route for skincare.   A few months ago, I had a severe reaction to medication which caused me major hormonal imbalance and basically destroyed my skin. I hadn't had breakouts since high school, and survived 4 years of university without a problem (the occasional pimple here and there that disappeared overnight)... Anyway, I sought professional help to treat the major systic acne that had developed due to my hormone imbalance. I have done the isolaz treatment and several microdermial abbresions to treat the excessive production of oil, and to exfoliate my skin. I am still using a topical at home (Retinol), but for the most part, my skin is back to normal! (Thank God!)   Obviously I don't want to tamper much with a good thing, but I am on a medical grade cleanser which I'm not particularly keen on. It has parabens and the like, and I'd really love to pursue natural alternatives now that everything seems under control.   I would say that I do still have combination-ish/(almost normal) skin... One thing is for sure, it is definitely not dry! I do find my cheeks and t-zone can get a little oily by the end of the day. I still have some hyperpigmentation and scarring from my breakout, and any product that can help treat these imperfections would be great.   I'm also an animal lover, so any vegan recommendations are top of the list. (I am a vegetarian, and currently working on at least being a dietary vegan... baby steps!).   I'm looking for cleanser and moisturiser/sunscreen recommendations, and am not opposed to a face primer if you think it will be beneficial . I don't need any night creams or deep hydrating products as my skin is never dry (I drink my 8-10 glasses of water a day ) Also, the professionals I've seen have never recommended a toner and I personally don't think it is necessary for my skin type.   I hope I've provided enough information for you, and sincerely appreciate your help in going the natural route!    Thanks so much <3   Alley.
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A. Hello, boscia has a great varity of certified natural products. The products are made in clean rooms and have never been touched. For your pigmentation ole henriksen has... see post
Q. Best organic, cruelty-free black mascara
    What is the best organic , cruelty - free mascara    that does NOT contain:  aluminum, parabens, alcohol or other nasty chemicals?       ( I am looking for something with good, dark  pigment that actually shows up and won't flake off...  Something that may help nourish / strengthen my lashes.  )
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Q. What is the best organic or natural pressed powder?
I am looking for one with medium to full coverage.   Thank you for your help!
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Q. what's a good SPF eye cream that is natural
I am using an eye cream with SPF 15 currently, but I'm looking for one that is natural and contains SPF of at least 15
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Q. Origins vs. Boscia skincare
Origins vs.Boscia skincare. For a vegetarian looking for natural skincare. Also, I am 30 with combo skin. Sorry for bad spelling. Other brands I also thought of include: korres, josie Moran, ol Hendricks and I think its called cludine? 
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Q. Best shimmery cream eyeshadow
   What is the best organic paraben - free & cruelty -free cream eyeshadows that are sparkly or shimmery and don't crease?     ( I am looking for DARKER colors, like deep browns and plums esp. )
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Q. Trying to find the natural products link. Where did it go?
Just exactly what it says in the subject bar.  There used to be a way to access these products from a link on the home page.  No more!  Where?  Where?
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Q. is the at home facial is same effective as in parlour facial?
i used to go to the parlour for facial once a  month,but now planning to do the facial at home once a week with same procedures like cleansing,scrubbing,steaming,mask..i afraid will it be effective as parlour? or its my pshycology that spending money on parlour is always better than at home with a cheap price????plz suggest....thanks
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Q. Issue about fresh rose mask
Dear Madam, I got my fresh rose mask yesterday.But the issue is once I put it on my face , I felt painful and then there were red spot on my face and I thought my skin might be too sensitive to use it. Buy my question is as it mention it should applies to all kind of skins, why it's not suit for my skin?
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Q. What is the best natural foundation for acne prone skin with great coverage for acne scars?
 Also, I like to use a color a couple of shades lighter than me, so I need something that will blend with my skin.
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Hello I'm 18 years old and  I want to start taking care of my skin but only with natural products specifically KORRES but I don;t have the slightest idea of which products to use ang in which order.I don't know anything!oh and i have combination skin.Can anybody help me?
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Q. aloe gloe
So has anyone tried Aloe Gloe or heard of it?  It's an aloe drink that is absolutely fabulous!  It's pulp-free, and it's all natural!  Free of preservatives and what not, and made in Cali!  Anyway, the reason I ask is because I tried it last week and oh. my. goodness.  Not only did it taste delicious, it literally made my skin GLOW!  After I drank it, I looked in the mirror and was like "wow, did I do something different with my skincare routine this morning because my face looks really glowy?"  Then the next day, I did the exact same thing I did that morning, minus drinking aloe gloe, and sadly, no glowy face!   I just bought a couple more bottles this afternoon and am going to see if it really makes my face glow like it did!  Will post soon with an update, just thought I'd share and see if anyone has tried it/seen similar results!
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Q. Natural Magazines
Is there a magazine on stand that only features natural and organic beauty products? I love to get ideas from magazines like Allure and Seventeen, but only a small portion of the products featured in them are natural. I'd also love to try other brands, besides Josie Maran, Bare Escentuals, Korres, and Tarte, and looking in magazines seems to be a smart way to find quality organic products.   Thanks in advanced
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A. Hi ry22,    That's a great question! The only one I know of is Natural Life Magazine which does focus on natural products and other lifestyle details/products etc. B... see post
Q. What is the best "natural" or "organic" eye makeup remover?
I'd like to find the best eye makeup remover from a natural/organic line. I've heard good things about Caudalie's Cleansing Water but is there anything else out there that's more effective? I want something gentle, but thorough, because my skin and eyes are very very sensitive.
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Q. Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum
Has anyone used Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum? It has good reviews and it sounds like it works well but I dont want to spend 80 dollars unless it works! I am buying it to help with acne marks and scars and to brighten my dull skin. Any advice would be great! Thanks
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A. Hi, paige322!  I understand how it's hard to fork out that much money on a product that you're unsure about.  But I wanted to let you know that I've tried it and did wor... see post
Q. vegan makeup application
I would liek to have my makeup applied at the Las Vegas Strip location for my birthday. Am I able to request that they use all Urban Decay or Vegan friendly products for my appointment?    Thanks!
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Q. Replacement for Tarte Recreate face primer?
I've been using the tarte recreate primer for a few years now and really like it.  The store tells me it's not been discontinued however it's not been available for over 6 months.  Any suggestions on a replacement?  A natural product?
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