clinique all about eyes cream

How effective is it on dark circles and puffiness?

Re: clinique all about eyes cream

Sorry to be the only naysayer so far, but this eye cream did not work for me at all.  I usually love Clinique products, but this just seemed like a plain moisturizer for the eye area to me.  Personally, I find that gels work much better to combat puffiness, especially if you keep them in the refrigerator.


Re: clinique all about eyes cream

It's velvety, moisturizing and easy to apply, a great basic winter moisturizer. As for special effects, I think it helps with dark circle but it does nothing for my puffiness, which seems to come and go at random. =/


Re: clinique all about eyes cream

I've used the Clinique eye cream, and I'm very happy with it.

Re: clinique all about eyes cream

I enjoy all about the eyes.  I need to get the rich version though, since my skin is normally pretty dry.


Re: clinique all about eyes cream

I used it for my dark circles and I found it helped alot, however I only used a sample size and I think for the product's full effects to have worked, I think I would have needed to use it longer (the sample lasted me just about a week and a half).  I would suggest going into a store and asking for a sample before you buy it because it is expensive!

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