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I've been reading up a lot about toners and DIY cucumber / green tea toners.   I just wanted to hear some personal reviews if anyone's tried it/what they think/ effectiveness.   They sound really nice to be. It's all natural/cheap. It does go bad after a few days so I read that refrigerating it would not only feel refreshing on the face but last a little bit longer. But even tossing it isn't a big deal since all the ingredients are really cheap to come by.    Also if substituting a lemon for a lime would be okay? 
Hi, I am looking for a new skincare line and so far am interested in either Nude, Boscia, REN, Ole Henriksen, Korres, or Caudalie. I am overwhelmed by reviews online and all the information. My main concerns are minimizing pores and getting rid of blackheads, moisturizing, and preventing wrinkles (I am 30 and mainly have wrinkes around my eyes). I also plan to get the Clarisonic Mia 2 to use with the cleanser. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks
I'm looking for a good daily facial moisturizer with sunscreen.  I have sensitive, combination skin.  I prefer products that are more natural without paragons, phthalates, etc.  Thanks!
Hi guys! My mom loves natural/organic products wether it be face cleanser, face cream. She doesn't wear makeup. Do you guys have any recommendations??  While searching online she found three products that she wanted me to get her for her birthday. I'll only get one right now though. Her picks are: 1. Ole Henriksen African red tea foaming cleanser 2. Ole Henriksen truth serum vitamin C collagen booster  3. Orgins A perfect world    Which one is the best to get her? Also if you have any suggestions lemme know!  Thanks!!
I use Clinique dramatically different moisturizer. I also use the gel on days my skin isn't needing something more moisturizing. I am currently working my way towards more natural products with less chemicals. I recently moved towards using tart makeup and eye shadows. Now I'm looking for a moisturizer. Any suggestions? 
Please Recommend Chemical Free High SPF Sunscreen for Hyper-Sensitive Skin.   Face as well as Body. I'd want to try chem-free types. There are so many new brands/formulations. What do you suggest?   I've used SHISEIDO for years, I feel my skin has changed so I need something else. I also carry Colorescience powder with me in my car to top off my sunscreen as needed.    Thanks     
I'm looking for a BB/CC/tinted moisturizer that won't make my acne prone skin worse (maybe even make it better?) but will color match super well? I'm not a fan of wearing much makeup (I like my skin looking more like a better version of my skin) but I do want a little color correction! any recommendations? any primers that I should try as well? I like natural&organic ingredients and preferably things without silicone! is all this impossible to find or is there hope for me? thanks!
Hey!   I have a ton of beauty and skincare products that I'll be purchasing soon and was wondering if you guys new of any cruelty-free vegan brands or products?   Thanks a ton!
I've looked at a recipe that mixes lemon juice, water, and sugar to create a sticky paste. I am going to try it and give feedback. Does anyone else have any other recipes that they have tried?
My makeup artist told me that I am a shade 5. What foundation products do you suggest that is for dry skin?
New to sephora. Just learned I am gluten-intolerant and allergic to red dye #40, nitrites, nitrates, benzoic acid....looking for a line of make-up. HELP!
I have had a la vanilla deodorant for a couple of years, and I don't see a use by date. Is there one? Anyone have and info on how long they last?
Hey ladies,   I'd like to know which is your favorite cruelty-free natural beauty brands and why.  So make-up, skin care even hair care. Also if some of you know any organic or gluten free brands I'd like your comments on that please =)  I know Bite Beauty is gluten-free! Thanks!! =)
is this remedy useful - some creame on boiling milk and with some almond oil mx it nd massage on ur feet for 10 minutes leave it nd wear socks whole night in morning rinse  off with water nd some gram powder after that apply some massage cream nd scrub u will find fair nd beautiful feet in 5 days
I've been hearing a lot about the whole oil pulling movement as a way to whiten teeth, freshen breath and probably do a heck of a lot of other things, but something is keeping me from trying it.  I've heard a couple testimonials from people who have tried, unsuccessfully, to complete the 15-20 minutes of swishing oil around their mouths.  Although I'm big fan of natural teeth-whitening, I just can't bring myself to try it.     I hear you can use a lot of different oils, like coconut, sesame, or olive oil, but each of those sounds equally disgusting to me.  Has anyone out there tried this before?  I'd love to be able to get past my disgust at the idea of oil pulling, so if anyone has any success stories (or warnings before I get up the courage to try it) I'd love to hear them!! 
Hey girls!!  I've done a lot of research when it comes to finding all-natural ways of whitening teeth, because in all honesty I don't want to start using Crest whitestrips and end up losing some of the enamel on my teeth because of them.   Does anyone do anything to whiten their teeth naturally that they would recommend?? Also if anyone out there has tried using charcoal to whiten teeth, I'd love to hear about how that went for you.  It's been recommended to me before but I've never really found out whether it not it actually worked. Thanks everyone!!
*EDIT*  This is a really old post, almost a year old, but I'm happy it was revived because it means people are using the search bar. Yay! HIGH FIVE! I'm not going to edit my previous post, because that would be wrong. I may have written it quickly & jumped the gun. Not all oils are bad, and not everyone will have the same results as me. Everyone's skin is different. Sephora & their employees like to overly promote the "flavor of the week". When this post was written, they were pushing Argan Oil non stop & I got a little frustrated with all the pushing of something Dermatologists weren't keen on.  I would like to add that, I am not using PTR oil-less oil, it's 100% squalane that is sugar derived (not sharks) and it works really well for me.    What I've recently found out though is that a lot of people are applying oils the wrong way . We were always taught to apply face products in order of thickness: toner/softener-> serum-> treatment-> moisturizer. The thing is oils are heavy, a lot heavier than most moisturizers even though they feel "light". Oils form a barrier and block Hyaluronic Acid and other benefit ingredients from penetrating into the skin . So really, you should be applying your oil last, to lock in all the moisture and benefits from your serums & moisturizer.      *ORIGINAL POST*  I've been using Argan Oil on my hair for years & never had a problem Recently I got the 500 pt perk that included her Argan Oil. Everyone raves about it's benefits on the face, so I figured I'd give it a shot since this cold weather has been brutal on my skin. I have not changed anything else in my skincare, or makeup routine. After about 5 days of nighttime use, I started noticing a rash developing on my face near my nose (my dry spot areas). So I did a little Google search and was shocked to see all the negatives about Argan Oil on the face. Argan oil has many benefits in food and on hair, but the FDA has not cleared it for use on the face. Dermatologists freak out when they hear patients use it because it can bring on rosacea and is highly comedogenic. Any oil (natural or not) will clog pores. I'm surprised Sephora promotes something when it is highly advised by Doctors not to be used on the face. 
I have really sensitive skin and need to avoid a lot of things.  I'm also 45 and have some fine lines and occasional acne.  I really want to try both Skyn Iceland and Nude Skincare---does anyone have experience with these lines?  Any advise?
Do you have any recommend  organic moisturizer that I can use everyday? Can either use morning or night is good? But I will stick with the morning, since I want to give my skin a break at night I want to try this SHISEIDO IBUKI Refining Moisturizer Enriched PHILOSOPHY Take A Deep Breath Oil-Free Energizing Oxygen Gel Cream Moisturizer Have anyone tried these?
Hi! How do I search your site for products for products that don't have animal testing?   Also it would be great if all Sephora brands had no animal testing because I love the body products.   mia 
I never set out to learn a single thing about my prostate, but kept running into information about it everytime I tried to learn more about hair loss. That made me wonder what the connection was between the two.   I was reading about saw palmetto and stinging nettle for hair loss prevention when I started finding more information on prostate problems than hair loss. It seemed every natural ingredient I check on for hair loss control also was listed as an ingredient for prostate health, with more information on prostate treatment.   I finally found the connection when I read about the prostate function on Wikipedia. It mentions briefly the prostate function is controlled by dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, which is also listed as the major culprit in causing male baldness.  I started trying to figure out if the ingredients in this product,were effective for hair loss or not. The more I dug the more intrigued I got by the odd connection.   I cannot find conclusive proof that all the ingredients work to reverse hair loss, but the idea that it can both help my hair loss and improve prostate health is very interesting. It was interesting to note that Propecia is a prostate drug that helps grow hair, which seems to verify the connecton, again. I do not think there is any similar connection for Rogaine, unless blood pressure affects prostate health, too.   I prefer natural over prescription, so am going to try the natural solution. Have any of you ran into that same connection in your studies?
I feel so out of the loop! How did I miss this! I feel like I need to  go research everything burts bees to make sure it still the same thing. Granted I saw this happened in 2007 but still what do you all think?
So I know all about the most natural skin care brands from sephora, but what about make up? I know hourglass, josie maran, bare minerals...But any other brands anyone can tell me about?
My top suspect is the Glamglow but in also wondering about the Origins black clay mask. I'm thankful that this particular incident was so easily solved but would like to prevent future issues.
I got a free issue of a brand-new magazine by Dr. Oz called "The Good Life" It has an interesting article on p.42 about Target and Walmart's coming changes to their health and beauty areas, and I KNEW I had to share it with BT! Apparently, both retailers are going to look at chemicals in their personal-care items. Wal-mart is going to require suppliers to phase out 10 potentially toxic ingredients. Target is going to have a ratings system of 0 to 100. Items that are more animal and earth friendly and less irritating will have higher scores.  The article said this will likely take over a year, but it is nice to know that they are going to make the effort! Every little bit helps. 
Hi there!   So I'm a HUGE fan of Josie Maran's Argan Oil. It's the only moisturizer I can use on my face that doesn't break me out or make me oily.  It's a holy grail product for me that I absolutely cannot live without.   However, I've noticed my bottle of argan oil getting lower and lower, and I'm going to have to replace it asap.  I normally wouldn't have a problem shelling out the big bucks for a product that does wonders for my skin, but money has been a little tight and I'm trying to cut back on my spending, especially on makeup/skincare because I tend to get a little  too  excited when I shop at sephora.     That being said, can anyone recommend an alternative/substitute argan oil that is identical to Josie Maran's but a little less expensive?  I have no problem ordering online if I have to.  I just want to make sure I find something that is truly 100% organic cold-pressed argan oil just like Josie Maran's.   Please and thank you!
Guys, I need help - I'm a victim of information overload. When coming up with my skin care routine, I did a *lot* of research. That research led me to several sources on the internet that spoke about chemical sunscreens. Several of them (the Environmental Working Group comes to mind, but a google search will show many others) talk about how Oxybenzone, Octocrylene, Oct-etc., can cause free radical damage in the skin when exposed to the sun (apparently in Europe, products containing oxybenzone have to be very conspicuously labeled). Avobenzone alone it seems is useless because it is unstable, and needs the addition of one of the above.    So I decided that I would only use physical barrier sunscreen - titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. The problem is that the VAST majority of moisturizers and makeup containing sunscreen contain chemical sunscreens. I want to be careful about what I put on my face without being an alarmist. What do all of you use?