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I would liek to have my makeup applied at the Las Vegas Strip location for my birthday. Am I able to request that they use all Urban Decay or Vegan friendly products for my appointment? 



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I dont see why not. =)  The usually let you pick what you want to have them use unless you literally hand over the reigns and let them take charge and do whatever they want. When I have had my makeup done, I have requested that they only use Urban Decay shadows and primers and that has never been an issue at all.






You can totally request specific product preference for them to use. If anything they will appreciate it, since you'll make their job a little easier in product selection. Have fun!


You can totally request what product you want them to use on you. It might be better for you to identify a couple of brands so in case they are not clear on what brand is vegan and what is not, you can let them know.

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Yes! I did this with the location in Times Square, NY for my birthday!

Take photos when you are done!


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