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I would like to try one of the "natural" skincare lines. I use Philosophy. Has anyone used Caudalie and/or Origins? Thoughts? I have dry, sensitive skin, and quite a bit of sun damage.

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I'm not a fan of Origins, and Eminence was okay, but I felt like their products are too targeted/specific.  For example, if I wanted to shrink pores and help my fine lines, I'd have to buy 3 different products to target each specific thing.  Never tried Caudalie.  My skin is dry and sensitive as well and some other products really irritated my skin. I found my holy grail from a referral from a celebrity makeup artist friend who uses an all-natural product called Airelle.  I can't express how much I love what it does for my skin.  It's not cheap, but I've always figured you get what you pay for.  I hope you can find your holy grail too!

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