does anyone use the boscia black mask?
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I have used it a few times and really wasn't impressed.  It is basically a full-face, weaker version of those Biore pore strips.  It was sort of fun to peel off, and I like that it removed any dead and flaky skin, but beyond that I didn't see any benefit to using it.


I have tried it and was not impressed enough to keep using it.  Personally I prefer to use the Brazillian Peel once a week to keep my skin bright and exfoliated.

I hope this helps you. :smileyhappy:

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I haven't tried it but like other people said I've heard it's good. I don't use mask that peel the skin, because it's bad for you skin and can cause wrinkles.

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I haven't used it myself, but I did read the reviews and it's get some some really good ones - but it seems like it may be a little harsh on sensitive skin.  Not sure people with acne would be able to use it either.  I have used the Biore strips, and I do like them on occasion, but even those have pulled skin off and left little red marks for me. 

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I tried it a few times hoping it compared to Sekisho Mask White, which is supposed to be (haven't tried it) an good peel off mask. Overall I felt like it removed some dead skin and a few minor blackheads. I definitely wouldn't give up the biore strips, those are much more effective at removing blackheads.

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Love, love, love it!! The trick is to apply it thick enough to be able to pull it off completely. I have sensitive skin and it was super nourishing. It feels like a giant Biore strip or those old Freeman masks that dried and you peeled off. It was almost retro. :smileyhappy:

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