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So has anyone tried Aloe Gloe or heard of it?  It's an aloe drink that is absolutely fabulous!  It's pulp-free, and it's all natural!  Free of preservatives and what not, and made in Cali!  Anyway, the reason I ask is because I tried it last week and oh. my. goodness.  Not only did it taste delicious, it literally made my skin GLOW!  After I drank it, I looked in the mirror and was like "wow, did I do something different with my skincare routine this morning because my face looks really glowy?"  Then the next day, I did the exact same thing I did that morning, minus drinking aloe gloe, and sadly, no glowy face!


I just bought a couple more bottles this afternoon and am going to see if it really makes my face glow like it did!  Will post soon with an update, just thought I'd share and see if anyone has tried it/seen similar results!

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I used to drink A LOT of aloe vera drinks. I used to carry a bottle with me everywhere. But in terms of making my skin glow, there were no claims about that. I really love the ones in green tinted glass bottles. They're the size of a Clarisonic for reference. But sugar-wise, it's pretty clean in taste and it isn't as sweet as some other aloe drinks I've tasted. The ones I had had pulp. The ones with pulp are better because that's where the vitamins are at, and aloe vera is good for hydration. If anyone wants to try them, Asian markets carry them sometimes in bulks. I hope this was helpful!

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