Which cosmetic brands of whom the products containing absolutely no animal ingredients.
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Pacifica is the only brand I know of that Sephora carries where all of their products are vegan.   I know a lot of Pangea Organics products are vegan as are some of Urban Decay's.  UD actually has an eyeshadow palette that is vegan.  You could probably contact the companies directly for a list of their vegan products if Sephora's customer service can't tell you.



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@Prenseslisa, Our blog did a story earlier this year that featured many of the certified vegan products available at Sephora. Click here to check it out: http://blog.sephora.com/2010/04/beauty-calls-help-im-vegan-and-makeup.html


You can also add Jack Black products and everything from the new Super by Perricone line (except for the Hand & Cuticle Cream which contains yogurt).


Hope that helps!

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