What is the best natural foundation for acne prone skin with great coverage for acne scars?
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 Also, I like to use a color a couple of shades lighter than me, so I need something that will blend with my skin.

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Have you tried Aveda's yet?  They have a good line.  I personally just started on Bobbi Brown's Long Wear Even Finish foundation and LOVE the smoothness and coverage.  she is cruelty-free, just like Aveda is.  Good luck!

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a great natural concealer for acne is josie maran's because it has a side that corrects redness and one that conceals, but if you're looking for a foundation try her argan matchmaker serum foundation! Also remember to protect your skin from the sun because 1 out of 5 people get skin cancer. Make sure to use an SPF 40 or more.Also focus on cleansing your skin and feeding it with nutrients!

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Try going to whole foods/ whole body store and check out there foundations on your hand or chin. You know that they are all natural so the only thing left would be to test them out at the store.

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