Origins vs. Boscia skincare

Origins vs.Boscia skincare. For a vegetarian looking for natural skincare. Also, I am 30 with combo skin. Sorry for bad spelling. Other brands I also thought of include: korres, josie Moran, ol Hendricks and I think its called cludine? 

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I've tried a couple products from Origins, Korres, Josie Moran, Ole Henriksen and Caudalie (don't have much experience with Boscia since I've only tried 2 of their products). Reference: I have combo skin, oily in the summer, dry patches in the winter


Korres and Josie Moran are oil based. They don't clog pores but they may feel a bit oily or don't sink in as well for some skin types. I want to like korres and tried all 3 of their lines but it just feel sticky and a heavy film on me, Josie Maran argan oil I use in the winter and works great if you want to treat yourself to a facial massage.


Ole Henriksen products are great but most have lots of dimethicone, a form of silicone commonly found in skincares, which is why they make your skin feel so smooth. Dimethicone is not necessarily bad since it's main purpose is protective layer and I use the Sheer Transformation right now in the cold windy weather, but if you easily get blocked pores and stuff, this may not be idea. The Truth Serum is excellent tho.


Caudalie and Origin are my favorite because they are gentle, sinks into the skin very fast (hydrating/refreshing) and don't feel heavy or oily. Origins Brighter by Nature line and their masks are excellent. Their anti-aging line is not as effective as Caudalie, which is great for anti-aging but are very expensive. I'm currently using Origins, which is ok, but just snatched a set of Caudalie skincare on sale and I love using it for occasional treat. Boscia would kind of also fall into this category, where it's hydrating but not heavy or oily (the eye gel is good, personally not a fan of the black line).


If your combo skin does not have any dry areas, Caudalie/Origin/Boscia are great. If you get windchapped or dry cheeks or want a bit of protection, O. Henriksen is great. If you get dry/flaky skin in some areas, Josie Maran and Korres.


For oily skin, I definitely recommend Boscia Purifying Cleansing Gel. It is sulfate free and I love it. I also enjoy Origins products. I like Ole Henriksen Truth Serum, and would recommend this as your daily topical antioxidant. But Caudalie is definitely the most powerful of the lines you mentioned. Their products are more expensive, but a lot of research goes into it and you will see results. Their Premier Cru creams and popular and I like their radiance serum and moisturizing sorbet. Finally, you didn't mention Nude Skincare, which is a completely vegan line. It is pricier but they have AMAZING products like their cleansing oil and purify moisturizer. 


My personal favorite skin care is Origins. They have really amazing remedies for skin problems. My skin is oily, dry and red but Origins is the only thing that I have found to help all of these issues at once. My favorite is probably the Modern Friction Dermabrasion.


Origins is an Estee Lauder company, so they all do animal testing on some level.  I have switched to Murad for that reason, and I REALLY love what they stand for and the results I'm getting!  (Good for you for sticking up for those little bunnies and other furbabies!)


Hands down, ORIGINS. I tried a few things from Boscia, and they all either broke me out or made my skin burn so bad that I had to wash it off immediately.


I've used Origins off and on for years now, I've tried tons of their stuff. Right now I am using the Mega Mushroom Face Cream and the Checks and Balances Cleanser. I've used almost the entire Dr.Weil line (cleanser, mask, serum, face cream), the checks and balances cleanser, the never a dull moment cleanser, the a perfect world cleanser...the starting over face cream, the never a dull moment scrub, their modern friction well as some of their makeup like lipsticks and cream shadows. Nothing from Origins has irritated my skin, the only item that I DONT recommend is the perfect world cleanser because it contains sulfates (I like natural and stay away from certain ingredients).


I also love their holiday kits for gifts and my dad just loves their shaving line.

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Sorry, but if you are a vegetarian like me, you probably won't want to use Caudalie.  I used to use their products but have found out they test on animals even though they will tell you they don't.  It saddens me that a vegan company will mislead their customers like that so I feel I should spread the word to those that care.  They started selling in China last year so while they technically don't test on animals themselves, they are paying the Chinese government to do it for them so they can continue to say they don't.  Any product available in China is being tested, fyi.  Urban Decay cancelled their plans to be sold there for that very reason.  I think Paul Mitchell did as well.  

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Hands down, my favorite all natural skincare is Airelle.  It is not easy to get and not cheap, but it is 100% natural and I love the way it makes my skin look and feel.  There are a lot of other good all-natural brands out there, many good recommendations mentioned in the other responses here, but if you can find it and you can afford it, I highly recommend it.  Good Luck!

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I have to say you should try Eminence. You can essentially eat their products -not recommended obviously, but completely organic. I worship them because everything else ruins my skin. Origins demolished my skin. Dried it out, raw, cracking. I had to use olive oil to return it to normal. Gave away my Origins.

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