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Natural/organic cleanses/moisturizer/primer recommendations for combination skin!
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Hey everyone!


I'd really appreciate any recommendations you guys have when it comes to going the natural route for skincare.


A few months ago, I had a severe reaction to medication which caused me major hormonal imbalance and basically destroyed my skin. I hadn't had breakouts since high school, and survived 4 years of university without a problem (the occasional pimple here and there that disappeared overnight)... Anyway, I sought professional help to treat the major systic acne that had developed due to my hormone imbalance. I have done the isolaz treatment and several microdermial abbresions to treat the excessive production of oil, and to exfoliate my skin. I am still using a topical at home (Retinol), but for the most part, my skin is back to normal! (Thank God!)


Obviously I don't want to tamper much with a good thing, but I am on a medical grade cleanser which I'm not particularly keen on. It has parabens and the like, and I'd really love to pursue natural alternatives now that everything seems under control.


I would say that I do still have combination-ish/(almost normal) skin... One thing is for sure, it is definitely not dry! I do find my cheeks and t-zone can get a little oily by the end of the day. I still have some hyperpigmentation and scarring from my breakout, and any product that can help treat these imperfections would be great.


I'm also an animal lover, so any vegan recommendations are top of the list. (I am a vegetarian, and currently working on at least being a dietary vegan... baby steps!).


I'm looking for cleanser and moisturiser/sunscreen recommendations, and am not opposed to a face primer if you think it will be beneficial Smiley Happy. I don't need any night creams or deep hydrating products as my skin is never dry (I drink my 8-10 glasses of water a day Smiley Wink) Also, the professionals I've seen have never recommended a toner and I personally don't think it is necessary for my skin type.


I hope I've provided enough information for you, and sincerely appreciate your help in going the natural route! 


Thanks so much <3



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Hello, boscia has a great varity of certified natural products. The products are made in clean rooms and have never been touched. For your pigmentation ole henriksen has a product called enlighten me, also a certified natural brand. As well as a line filled with vitamin c called truth which will help brighten your overall skintone. A great face primer is urban decay's pore perfection which is vegan brand. 

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