Looking for a face wash for my 10 year old daughter, something gentle
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I would like to get my daughter started on a skincare regimen.  Primarily face wash and then a moisturizer. Can anyone recommend something for an almost 10 year old.



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If she is not experiencing any skin problems yet I honestly wouldn't suggest using anything.  Most cleansers will strip the skin of natural oils and then it will disrupt her natural balance.  This can actually cause acne and oily skin or do the opposite and give her extremely dry skin.  If it ain't broke don't fix it :smileyhappy:  If you are set on this idea though try the FAB cleanser.  It's really gentle or the Boscia line (but they are a bit stronger).

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For my 10 year old niece I have her use Cetaphil. My niece wanted a face wash to use and  she like this face wash. I wouldn't make it an issue for your daughter unless she really asking for a face wash.

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I REALLY would not do that; it seems entirely unnecessary. SPF when she's playing outside should be plenty!


BUT if you really insist, I think that Pangea is a fabulous, very gentle line, and you can rely on high quality, all natural ingredients. If you don't go with Pangea, do be careful of the Sephora "natural" symbol. I find it doesn't really mean much, (just read the ingredients list on REN, Korres, and SkynIceland products, and you'll see why!).

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Honestly since she is young and needs simple products I recommend two different brands that may work great! Cetaphil or Spectro Jel. They are very gentle but effective! Plus, they are super cheap and can be found at most drugstores!

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Murad, an excellent skincare line carried at Sephora, has recently come out with a line of products specifically for a younger age group. You should check it out:


I would also recommend looking into a more natural line as well. Young skin is easily irritated and skincare with gentle ingredients is always the best way to go for a "first" skincare line.



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I think starting good skin care habits is an excellent idea!  Keep it simple and keep it natural.  If she doesn't have pre-teenage breakouts yet, getting her diligent about caring for her skin now might actually help prevent skin problems in the future.  I would suggest the Juice Beauty products as a great way to start...a cleanser and a moisturizer.  There is the Juice Beauty Cleansing Milk or Green Apple Cleanser.  And there is the Juice Beauty Oil-free Moisturizer (good for a.m. and p.m.) and/or the SPF 30 Mineral Sheer Moisturizer (she you could this one in a.m. and the Oil-free Moisturizer in p.m.).  As she gets older, you can always add an eye cream or blemish product from Juice Beauty if necessary.


Hope that helps.

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While it is totally up to you as her parent, I don't know if any cleanser or moisturizer would do her any good if she has no skincare concerns at the time. I do understand starting good habits early though.


That being said, a good SPF would be beneficial. 

For cleansers I really liked how gentle Rare minerals was as well as the moisturizer. It might be a bit pricey but there was a set for 19.50 not long ago and there are usually holiday sets as well. Here is the moisturizer: in mild for cleanser.

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