Good DIY mask/scrub? and how long to keep them?

So I discovered a homemade mask I really like (chopped oats, honey, yogurt, a pinch of cinnamon/vanilla extract), and I usually just keep them in a 1/3 cup rameskin with saran wrap on top and use freshly cleansed finger every time (refregerated of course). It doesn't feel different, but the liquid is starting to separate after 2 weeks. How long can you keep a mask before it loses effectiveness?


I assume scrubs last longer, I mean, if you look at ingredients list for Fresh Sugar scrub, you can get most of them at health food store. I just use olive oil, brown sugar, and lemon zest (great lip scrub, too). But how long do you keep them?


Also, if you've got a favorite DIY mask/scrub, feel free to share. =)

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I don't have an exact time for you, but I would treat DIY masks like leftovers in the fridge. Even though you cover them, they tend to get unfit to eat after a couple of days and I would think a mask would grow bacteria in the same way. Even though the ingredients are things that you would find in a health food store, unless you made up your mask under complete aseptic (bacteria free) conditions, and sterilized the container, mixing tool and ingredients before you started, the bacterial time clock is ticking. So try to make a very small batch that you can use up in a couple of days. If liquid starts to separate out or it develops any kind of color change or odor, toss it out. The ingredients aren't so costly that you would want to risk a breakout or infection to save a few pennies. 


Hope this helps!

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I love my honey and oats scrub but I definitely am going to try some of the others everyone has mentioned. Great thread! Thanks!

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In all honesty, baking soda and water do the trick for me!  However, I avoid this scrub when I'm broken out because the scrub granules are too big/harsh on my skin, and tear open the pimples therefore letting bacteria in and making them worse.  But when skin is clear, this is an EXCELLENT scrub and is so cheap and easy!

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Hi beautytester,


I love making my own masks, moisturizer, treatments, etc. Here's my favorite mask. I hope you like it!



1/2 ripe avocado

2-3 tbs of good quality honey (I get mine fresh)

3-4 tbs of plain unsweetened Greek yogurt


Blend it all together in a bowl. Make sure to mash the avocado as fine as possible (I try to make it as smooth as the yogurt). You can play with the proportions of the ingredients until you get a consistency you like.



Cleanse your face and pat it dry.

Apply a very generous layer to your face and neck. 

Let it dry and keep it on for as long as you can.

Use it 1-2x a week



This mask is great for all skin types. It moisturizes and heals skin. All of the ingredients have antibacterial properties. It's great for anti-aging and perfect for sensitive skin. It helps with pores and oiliness. It also makes my skin feel ridiculously soft! It's amazing.



If you keep the mask in a sealed container in the fridge, it should last you about a week. You don't want it going bad.



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I make a version of the Fresh sugar scrub (raw sugar, lemon olive oil, honey, and scrapings from a vanilla pod) and it usually lasts about 10 days in my bathroom in a repurposed scrub tub. But honestly, it usually doesn't lat that long because Ive been using it on my dry winter hands.
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Also, if you haven't made your own bath bombs, you NEED to go to and make your own! I recently made some for a valentines day gift exchange at work and they're so fun and easy. If you add a little extra olive oil they make you skin so soft you may not need to moisturizer after a shower.
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