julep maven February 2014

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So it's official I have no will power and my nail polish is going to outlive me!

Here are the choices for February, remember you have till the 24th to change your style or skip the month.




bohoglam_pdp_6.jpgBoho glam^



cwat_pdp_1.jpg Classic with a twist ^


itgirl_pdp_1_1.jpgIt girl by roc nation

modernbeauty_pdp_3.jpgModern beauty

polishlover_pdp_1.jpgThe polish lovers upgradupgrade_pdp_24.jpg

Th dramatic upgrade

ultimateupgrade_pdp_2.jpgThe dramatic ultimate upgrade


Re: julep maven February 2014

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my box came today and i am surprisingly very happy with it! i ordered the bombshell box with glam roc as an add on and chose the deep bronze shadow. i also did not know we were getting the extra polish added to our boxes, so that was a very pleasant surprise :smileyhappy: glam roc and kristen were opaque with one coat, judi with two, and love is pretty with both one coat and two, 


i expected the shadow to be the consistency of my other cream shadows, but it's very wet and loose. it does dry quickly, so i will have to be sure that i keep the lid on tight so it doesn't dry out. i also need to be sure i don't drop it because where it is thick enough to not spill out of the jar if i tip it upside down, a jolt would have it spilling out and making a huge mess. this does have me worried because i am a huge klutz with serious butter fingers. the color payoff is gorgeous, though, and it is very pigmented.


deep bronze.jpg

deep bronze, one pass


last month i didn't even swatch the colors on my nails, and i think one of them i never even took out of the packaging, it just went straight into a tsb. i don't even remember what i got last month, so definitely much happier with this month's box :smileyhappy: 


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My style is Classic with a Twist, and I was super tempted to stick with it, but ultimately I picked the It Girl box (like I usually do haha). I really dislike cream shadows and already have a magenta color similar to the one up there so I switched and added the indigo color to my order using my jules! 5 polishes for the price of 1 box, hooray!


Re: julep maven February 2014

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I cracked and got the polish lover's upgrade!! No regrets!! Lol

I initially skipped my box then looked at the swatches... they're soooo pretttttttttttttty 


Re: julep maven February 2014

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Ooh, it girl~I think it's time to redeem my free box code lmao.


Re: julep maven February 2014

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The glitter polishes are too rough on my nails, so I'm skipping this month!


Re: julep maven February 2014

Ugh! I'm doomed. :smileyfrustrated:


Thanks for posting. :smileyhappy:


Re: julep maven February 2014

This is the first box in like three months I'm not skipping. I really like the matte glitter options.

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  • bohoglam_pdp_6.jpg
  • cwat_pdp_1.jpg
  • bombshell_pdp_12.jpg
  • itgirl_pdp_1_1.jpg
  • modernbeauty_pdp_3.jpg
  • polishlover_pdp_1.jpg
  • upgrade_pdp_24.jpg
  • ultimateupgrade_pdp_2.jpg
  • deep bronze.jpg