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Nail Art Portfolio: Let's Get on Point!
I don't know if this exists, but I've seen color challenges and looks of the day. I was thinking a challenge, but then again, some of us can't do the 3D sculpturing/3D Japanese art or gels. So weekly would be tough.  I guess what I want to see is what you guys have going on in the nail world and what art you've come up with. (Yes manicurist/cosmetologist assistance is ok.)    Rules:  Please if you are having someone do your nails, credit the salon and maybe the artist if they will disclose.  List each shade used.    Let's see some fun things.    November: Free for all (since there's only a few days left.) 
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I need a file for a little toenail that is very thick like a corn and hard as a rock.
I need a file for a little toenail that is very thick like a corn and hard as a rock. Looking for recommendations (proven). Thanks.
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Nail polish "assistor"
I bought a little metal device when I was on holiday in Prague from one of your stores and it is supposed to help put nail polish on so that it doesn't go over the nail. It is absolutely useless and I ended up putting it to the side and doing my nails as normal.   I have no idea how you are supposed to position your hands so that no polish goes on the skin at the side of the nails using this and really, most people will have nails that are longer than the top of their fingers so the pictures on the pack are silly as it isn't needed for that part of the nail for the most part. One of my nails had broken and the finger couldn't rest comfortably against the device so the polish ended up going on the skin at the top of that nail!   Any advice on how to use this would be appreciated as the girl in the store either couldn't be bothered showing me or didn't speak enough English to help. I personally think she couldn't be bothered as she could speak enough English to tell me about offers and try to sell me stuff! We don't have stores in the UK so it's not like I can even return it.
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Sephora Gel Shine nails
what are you no longer supporting the products you sell? What are customers of the Sephora Opi Gel Shine home gel system supposed to do about purchasing the nail color, top coats, base coats, etc., when you phase them out? You are leaving your customers in a bad position after they faithfully paid the full price for your at home gel system.
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Foot files
Can you please tell me the differences between the #11 foot file and the #20 other than the longer handle. Is the higher # or the lower number more effective
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Louboutin Beaute in Buffalo Area
I know this is probably a long shot since there are no saks/nordstrom etc in the area, but I'll be in the Buffalo/Williamsville area this afternoon and was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere that sold the Christian Louboutin nail color? I've picked up one in Toronto but they're always sold out and was hoping to be able to get another today!
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orchid nail polish- interesting name
orange you glad you are from Texas?  
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Sephora by OPI on Hautelook!
$3 each only!  Maybe be last chance to get these as Sephora is only making FormulaX now!  Sale ends Friday 8pm.
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Illamasqua Polishes at SiJCP?
I remember a long time ago there used to be Illamsqua polishes at SiJCP, but I guess I found at place that carried them. The last time I saw them, they were in a sales rack and on sale. Do you think there might be some sale Illas (yes I just abbreviated Illamsaqua) left? I really would like to get some new polishes after my no-buy and then send all my OPIs to the trade thread or to the friend who might want to buy my old ones. 
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Another Man - i.... hehehehe
Well, since my last title got so much attention.... I couldn't help myself.   ESSIE - Jamaican Me Crazy OPI - Its Totally Fort Worth It
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nail design trend 2014?
Fall Nails
Well, it has been forever since I posted my nails, and I really liked this one...    Something for fall... what are your designs this thanksgiving??
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Q. Deborah Lippmann Silk Collection Reviews?
I found only one review for this product on Sephora's website, and it wasn't good. Therefore, I was looking for additional feedback. I wanted to know how this product has worked out (e.g. is it long lasting). Also, is it really that different from regular matte nail polishes?
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Sale Section - Nails, Inc
I clicked on the sale section to see there was finally over 100 items again! I was so excited. Most of the additions seem to be Nails, Inc. products, so if anyone is a big Nails, Inc. fan: ready, set, sale!
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Has anyone tried the Formula X base/top coats with other brands of nail polish?
I am thinking about buying The System from Formula X because no matter what base and top coats I try, my nails always chip within 1 to 2 days. I have heard nothing but great reviews about The System, but every review I have seen talks about using it with the actual Formula X polishes. As someone who owns 400+ nail polishes, I would be using the base and top coats with other brands of polish 99% of the time, so I want to make sure that it works well with any brand before purchasing!
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Sephora's little polishes @ $5 has a color called Think Big - i used to 2 coats and my trusty Dior Gel Coat - this color comes very close to Dior's Mohair that was dc'd despite a cult following - this polish has poor reviews - i am loving it - it comes in over 70 colors - great stocking stuffer and to try a wild color - enjoy!
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Diamancel File, Which Grit? Or Another Brand?
I'm looking at Diamancel files in #1 Fine, or #2 Medium grit.   I do NOT need a coarse grit file, I cut my nails and basically need them SLIGHTLY shaped, and smoothed.   I'm worried that #1, which would be my leaning, will be ubersoft and won't work.  I am not looking for a buffer with this purchase, I do need a file.   For example/comparison:   - I have a crystal nail file that is very fine grit and does nothing (hence needing to buy a new file). - Emery boards from the drugstore are WAY too gritty for me on the coarse side, and even the 'smooth' side is a little more gritty than I'd like.   Or if you don't like Diamancel or recommend a different brand let me know.
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Sephora by OPI Classic & Bright 15-piece Nail Collection
For those of you who like the minis and missed out while it was here, you can get the sephora 15 piece mini SOPI set for $27.23 and free shipping on qvc right now. (original price was $44)  
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Quality of Burberry nail polish
Saw this set and LOVE all the colors in it - seems priced like Chanel nail Burberry comparable?
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Sephora by OPI
If you missed out on any polish colors that sold out online or in store you might be able to pick them up tomorrow, Monday, on HauteLook.  You have to sign up to buy at the site but might be worth a peek for that one color before they're gone for good.  If anyone wants an invite linky shoot me a message but I don't think you NEED one to sign up.
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how to get the nail file out of the hello kitty nail clipper?
Hi,   I recently bought a hello kitty nail clipper... it's too cute   But I can't seem to get the nail file out. Anyone can help me out here?   Thanks!!
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Dupe Alert!
Hi ladies! I hope you are all doing well. So a few days ago I was looking at some SpaRitual polishes on just to look at the reviews on them because I just picked up one of their polishes from TJ Maxx. I've heard about and seen the line  every time I go to Sephora and I was really curious but skeptical about the brand. I later found out they are the sister brand of Orly and they are vegan so that made me feel better because I LOVE Orly polishes and I've been looking for more vegan brands. So I went  to my local Sephora to see the colors they had and 3 looked awfully familiar to me. I thought to myself I'm pretty sure I've seen these before. So I went home and I Googled them. Lo and behold two are exact dupes and one a little bit darker dupe of three of the Orly Cosmic FX collection that came out for Fall 2010. I know that not everyone was not able to get their hands on the polishes they wanted from the collection so I thought I'd do some research so that you ladies, if you missed out could still get the dupes.    Dupe #1. SpaRitual Meditate On This = Orly Lunar Eclipse   Dupe #2. SpaRitual Off the Grid = Orly Halley's Comet, OPI Catch Me In Your Net, Julie G Mermaid's Tale (if you don't have a RiteAid where you live), Zoya Charla   Dupe #3. SpaRitual Optical Illusion ( 2-3 shades darker) = Orly It's Not Rocket Science.   If you ladies wanted to get your hands on the Orlys but couldn't, check out the SpaRitual ones! I'm planning on purchasing Meditate On This during the Chic Week sale.
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Hi BeautyTalkers! In an effort to streamline our BeautyTalk community, the "Nails" board will be soon consolidated into a general “Makeup” board and will no longer be available for posting. But don’t worry! If you have subscribed to any threads in this board, you will still be able to access them.
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Hi BeautyTalkers! In an effort to streamline our BeautyTalk community, the "Nails" board will soon be consolidated into a general “Makeup” board and will no longer be available for posting. But don’t worry! If you have subscribed to any threads in this board, you will still be able to access them.
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