OPI vs. Essie??

Hey girls,

Just wondering what your favorite nail polish company is? I absolutely adore the Essie packaging and I think the colors are so cute! The polish goes on very well for me, but I've read some reviews of how some think it is streaky. OPI has the reputation of being one of the best. But, when I used their polish the other day, the paint chipped two days later!

What are some of your favorites?? xx come-to-poppy-opi-nail-polish.jpg.pngDSC_1109.JPG


Re: OPI vs. Essie??

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Hello there!

I love the pink Essie on your nails by the way favs are Revlon and Borghese. Both of these brands last a long time on your nails but most importantly, the color looks even and deep on nails. If you are tired of chipping nails (as i was) get your nails wrapped with UV gel so that they are pretty much incapable of breaking and the color will never fade. Best decision i ever made. If you want, i can post pictures :smileysurprised:)!


Happy hunting!


Re: OPI vs. Essie??

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Esse seems to chip faster for me. But I am one of those people who must have weird nails or something because no matter what I do - do it myself, get a salon manicure, regardless of brand, my nails chip w/i 2 days. Salon manicures usually chip the same day - although it is nice to have my nails all professionally cleaned up. Every single top coat and/or base coat I've ever tried seems to make my nails chip faster. I've had the best luck w/ Revlon polishes (the regular old color stay) and with YSL. If I get a manicure and tell them to use polish only the polish lasts a couple days longer than if a base/top coat are used. The ladies who do my nails can't believe that I don't want a base or top coat - but it has so consistently held for me that they seem to make things worse for me.


I just can't imagine having polish last 2 or 3 weeks! I tired gel but it peeled off the top layer of my nails and did so much damage. I have really thin nails and don't need any of them peeling off. 


ATM I am wearing 3 coats of the $1 sephora polish and it has made it to the end of day 2 w/ minimal chips, which is a miracle. 


BTW - I am not a miner or professional landscaper or whatever. I sit in an office all day and come home to take care of two kids. I'd think that my nails get a regular amount of wear. 


Re: OPI vs. Essie??

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I use almost everything, but use quite a bit if OPI.  My manicures last at least 2 weeks and only get wear on the tips not chips.  It is all about the top coat.  I use INM Out the Door exclusively. It is the top coat my manicurist recommended. 


Re: OPI vs. Essie??

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ha I've never been able to get a manicure to be chip/lift free for more than 2 days. I'm hard on my hands... Gel manicures I get 2-3 weeks out of, but no way can I do it with normal polish. 


Re: OPI vs. Essie??

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I prefer Essie, I think they do creme polishes better than OPI. OPI is good for quick manicures, because they tend to have a thicker formula and they have that thick brush, but I think Essie stays on better because you have to use thin coats.


As for application, it depends on the finish of the product. Essie's cremes apply very evenly on me, but cremes are a very forgiving finish to begin with.


And it's hard to write off a whole brand because of a single polish. Maybe you can try a different OPI polish and see how it works on you.


Re: OPI vs. Essie??

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I can't stand OPI, which rather sucks because I have tons of their polishes. Their top coats are streaky and leave lines so I just use them as a base coat. And their colors oxidize horribly. The colors change and turn way darker than what's in the bottle and the metallic finish goes flat. I've had issues with them chipping as well. Ugh. My goal is to just use up the OPI polishes that I still have as quickly as possible just to be rid of them.


Never tried Essie...they've always been a bit steep for my budget. But I love most Sally Hansen products.


Re: OPI vs. Essie??

Hmm. Personally I'm an equal opportunity polish lover! If I find a color I love, I'll buy it despite the brand. I've used high end and super cheap polishes and honestly I've had hits and misses from both. Take for example Chanel. Chanel Malice is one of my top go to deep ruby red polishes, it's beautiful! However, it chips amazingly fast one me while other Chanel polishes do not. Same with Essie, some shades are AMAZING while others are a miss. Someone mentioned NYC being garbage but th one NYC color I own actually has amazing staying power, doesn't streak and dries super fast!


TL;DR I don't judge brands, just individual polishes


Re: OPI vs. Essie??

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I get my nails done in the salon every two weeks and I have used both Essie and OPI with very good results. Same holds true for other brands like Chanel, Deborah Lippmann and the new ones from Marc Jacobs.  If you are applying polish to  nails that are completely natural (no glue, gel, acrylic, wraps) polish tends to chip more easily.  On the day I get my nails done, I am very careful.  No washing dishes, no popping open cans, no harsh cleaners.  Just because the surface is dry doesn't mean the paint has cured.  It takes hours.  I LOVE Deborah Lippmann's products and apply her high gloss top coat Addicted To Speed a few times in between manicures.  It dries VERY fast and keeps my manicure looking fresh. 


Re: OPI vs. Essie??

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I'll wear pretty much any brand that has pretty colors, although if I'm trying to pick between dupes I'll usually go with China Glaze or Zoya.  My wear time is always dependent on my top and bottom coat polishes, not the colored ones.  I will say that, of the two you've mentioned, OPI tends to have more variety, so I've got more of them in my collection.


Re: OPI vs. Essie??

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I agree with the China Glaze (for the hardeners in it) or Zoya (consistency). I am curious which bottom and top coat you use, since I have heard about wear time really only depending on those two things. I use Seche Vite quick dry top coat, which seems like I still chip easily! Possibly because it is a very thick top coat. Thanks! 


Re: OPI vs. Essie??

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First time here, but I did want to say that I usually get one bottle of OPI each summer for my toenails-- usually a red or deep pink. Boring, I know. This summer I wanted to try a teal so I bought a bottle of Essie's Naughty Nautical and gave myself a pedi. I did two coats on my toes, and two on my 10 year old daughter's. Five weeks later, I don't have a single chip. Even my daughter, whose toenail polish is usually chipped off in a matter of days, still has quite a bit on her toes.It was thinner than OPI polish, but for durability I am extremely impressed!


Re: OPI vs. Essie??

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I've never tried Essie polish, but I own a brown OPI polish that's very pretty. Personally my favorite polish brand is Zoya. I always try to stock up when they run promotions.


Re: OPI vs. Essie??

I like both OPI and Essie, but recently I've been using a lot of Zoya. BIG fan. So many colors. Stays well and doesn't chip.


Re: OPI vs. Essie??

I have not used Essie, but I have used OPI and it is nice. Friends of mine told me not to buy Essie because it is not that great (chips fast, messy, etc). I actually prefer Wet and Wild's Salon line (MEGA LAST) to OPI. Crazy, huh? Far nicer product, in my experience. Mega last takes three weeks to chip versus OPI takes 1.5-2 weeks to chip. The brush is flat and large, so it makes it very easy to apply. I own Heatwave (red orange), Wet Cement (purple grey), and Let Them Have Red (very red).





Re: OPI vs. Essie??

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I second the Wet n Wild polish. Everytime I pay more for polish it ends up being more unusuable than the cheap stuff. I think I've tried just about everything except Essie, because I thought it looked really cheaply made. If I had to pick more expensive polishes I would go for Revlon Colorstay or China Glaze. Revlon lasts for weeks and China glaze just has some colors I really like. Though Wet n Wild really is my top pick just because of color, performance, and price.


Re: OPI vs. Essie??

I have to go w/ Essie for 1) more classy, less irridescence and 2) does not have formadehyde like OPI does. I'm always going more for healthy and toxicity concern. Another to check out is Nailtini - also healthier AND made in the USA.


Re: OPI vs. Essie??

Ok real talk.

Polishes that really impress me in terms of longevity, no-chipping, application, color payoff and finish are:




Revlon Top Speed

Nails Inc


Sephora by OPI


China Glaze

LA Splash


For quickness of dry time then yes nothing beats Seche Vite. HOWEVER! the gloss does not last long enough if you ask me and the formula for Seche Vite is such that you have to add polish thinner every once in a while or else it is a goopy mess. Sally Hansen's Diamond Shine gives me gloss for longer.


I have found that the nudes and dark colors from OPI perform well but their brights don't. Also, OPI does not have a decent yellow polish.


To me, Essie and OPI are over-rated. They are too hit and miss for me to be a consistent buyer.


Polishes that are absolute crap:



NYX glitter polishes

Hello Kitty polish in Starry Night




Re: OPI vs. Essie??

OPI. The quality in Essie is horrible. It is too liquidy and I find the finish to be dull in a lot of their colours. I also like the colour selection/range of OPI better. Essie has too many colours in the same colour family (pinks, neutrals). But I do like the top coat by Essie better. 


Re: OPI vs. Essie??

Hmm... i think Essie looks really good, but the O.P.I. color is richer. And i completly understand, it chips and all, but if you work everday like me, you want something that doesnt chip. So normally ill take Sally Hanson Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat. (it comes in a red bottle) and put it on like 30 min. after my nails are dry ( just so they can set up) and ill apply 2 coats and done, they stay good sometimes at least a week.  Warning, make sure you close the lid really tight on the sally hanson bottles, they tend to dry up in the bottle super fast!



Re: OPI vs. Essie??

I've heard good things about that top coat! I currently am using up my Seche Vite one, which I like, but it gets thick toward the end of the bottle. Kimmie and other users here have said they've noticed it "shrinking" their polish over time, but I've never noticed any significant issues.


I'll probably try the SH top coat when I polish off the SV one.

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