OPI vs. Essie??

Hey girls,

Just wondering what your favorite nail polish company is? I absolutely adore the Essie packaging and I think the colors are so cute! The polish goes on very well for me, but I've read some reviews of how some think it is streaky. OPI has the reputation of being one of the best. But, when I used their polish the other day, the paint chipped two days later!

What are some of your favorites?? xx come-to-poppy-opi-nail-polish.jpg.pngDSC_1109.JPG

Re: OPI vs. Essie??

OPI- "Come to Poppy"

Essie- "Punchy Pink 694"


Re: OPI vs. Essie??

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Awesome, thanks for sharing!

Re: OPI vs. Essie??

I find that Essie is more favorable for pale pinks, neutrals, and softer shades while OPI offers a full range of the color scheme. Essie also has less selection in terms of finishes to me, but I loved their luxe top coats.


OPI puts out a lot of dupes in my opinion as they're constantly cycling through collections so fast.


I don't really see much of a difference in terms of wear. I'm pretty rough on my nails/hands, so anything that can last more than two days is a miracle in my book and if it can last even longer than whooohooo!!!



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