OPI Colors Back In Stock

I checked this AM and found that several of the Sephora OPI colors I missed out on a few days ago, when Sephora posted the OPI sale, are back in stock!  I know a few people missed colors they wanted so I wanted to share!  I hope you ladies get the colors you want before they are out of stock again


I picked up:

Henna-Thing Is Possible - opaque metallic fuchsia



Chest-Nuts About You - opaque pink champagne with fine glitter



Skinny Jeans - opaque metallic aqua


Metro Too Chic - opaque dark smoke purple with pink shimmer



Violet's Just Get Married - sheer metallic smoky amethysts1372846-main-hero.jpg



I also picked up a Nail Polish remover, a blush and MUFE Pro Finish Powder (I needed to reach $50 for free shipping! and ITKIT Lasting Impressions)

Re: OPI Colors Back In Stock

ooh chest-nuts about you nail polish looks super pretty!

Re: OPI Colors Back In Stock

Thanks Roxystar4!!!  I had a lot of them the other day in my cart and literally as I was checking out, it told me that some of the items were out of stock!  I did managed to get about 6 of them.  I saw your post today and immediate had to purchase the ones that I couldn't get the other day.  Thanks again for posting!!! 

Re: OPI Colors Back In Stock

Girl, we are so on the same wave-length :smileyvery-happy: I have Metro Too Chic at home and it looks gorgeous.


Checked this morning to see if the polish I missed the other was back in stock and was excited to see that it was! Sugar Plum Fairies is on its way :smileyhappy:SephoraSugarPlumFairies.jpg

And... Looks Like Rain Deer



And... Too Faced La Creme I Want Candy :smileyhappy:

Re: OPI Colors Back In Stock

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OMG I bought Looks like Rain Dear in store yesterday! LOL. we have similar taste

Re: OPI Colors Back In Stock

Haha, we definitely do! I've found myself thinking a couple times "Hmm... if roxy likes that, I'll probably like that too!" :smileyvery-happy:

Re: OPI Colors Back In Stock

@crayzeeRN  Im not sure if you have any of these colors but for some reason the light pink, peach, beige opaque colors look terrible on me.  I think they look good on other people but not so much on me.

Re: OPI Colors Back In Stock

Yeah I like seeing nude nails on others but on me for the most part it doesn't work. I think its because I'm so pale to begin with and have yellow undertones. Essie Ballet Slippers is probably a good example- love it in the bottle, but looks strange on me. I love light greys and browns though- like Zoya Carey or Essie Mochacino!


I also can't pull off nude lips for the life of me!

Re: OPI Colors Back In Stock

@crayzeeRN  I am light with yellow undertones too. NC20 - are you lighter than me?

Re: OPI Colors Back In Stock

I've never used any of MAC's skin products, so I'm not sure what my foundation match would be there, but for some other foundation examples- UD Naked Skin 1.0 is the absolutely best match I have ever found, NARS Siberia, NARS Terre Neuve TM, and Benefit Ivory are quite close.

Re: OPI Colors Back In Stock

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Im Naked 2.0 and NARS deauville - so a tiny bit darker.   :smileyhappy:  Im actually returning a Sally Hansen nail color I recently bought at CVS - its like a peachy/pink opaque color. Not flattering on me at all! 


This image is from polished cousins blog:

Pink Pong_Full.jpg

looks so good on her nails! It does NOT look like that on mine. 


Re: OPI Colors Back In Stock

Yeah I can tell that is definitely a color that wouldn't look good on me either! Pretty on her nails though!

Re: OPI Colors Back In Stock

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it cost me around $8.50 with tax so it def went back to the store! 

Re: OPI Colors Back In Stock

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Pretty! I stocked up on a few myself..


Metro Too Chic Set


The Lifes a Beach set (gone from the site!)



Some nail stickers and now I'm realizing I forgot the spice market set which I wanted since it first came out. Darn! time to visit a store lol.



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: OPI Colors Back In Stock

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@dianabt You scored some awesome sets! I really wanted the Metro Too Chic Set. Im so glad you got it! It looks really cool. :smileyhappy:

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