New Acrylic and Nail Art

New Acrylic and Nail Art

I decided to go ahead and post this since I may not be on the computer tomorrow.  I tried a new brand of acrylic and powder: IBD.  I like it much better than the ASP liquid and powder.  During application, I had a few problems with the new Beauty Secrets brush I got at Sally's.  Thank goodness it was on sale.  It shed quite a bit, and it gunked up quickly.  I don't know if I picked up a bad brush or what.  Oh well.  Despite the brush, it was easier to attempt to build up the stress point with the IBD acrylic.











A while after, I went in for the nail art! lol.  I decided to do an angled played up french manicure (does it even have a formal name? lol) with stripes and glitter.


frame nails.JPG

Products used:

OPI Teal the Cows Come Home (lightest blue)

OPI Into the Night (dark blue stripes)

Sally Hansen Gem Crush blue glitter

Orly quick drying top coat

Re: New Acrylic and Nail Art

Thanks!  Cinderella gone wild, love that!  Smiley Very Happy  I would love just to see what a fancy nail salon is like!  There isn't really one like that around here; mainly smaller salons and the ones in Walmart.  

Re: New Acrylic and Nail Art

walmart has nail salons? then again, the nearest walmart to me is a good 45 minute drive or more. Smiley Sad I have nail salons in my entire neighborhood, 3 within just 5 blocks of each other! Since I do my nails so much myself I hardly go but I've seen some REAL fancy ones downtown! Also a good arm and a leg in price! 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: New Acrylic and Nail Art

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It's scary to think Walmart has nail salons, well, the Super Center Walmarts do at least.  The one where I live is called Regal nails.  I think most of the ones in Walmart are called Regal nails.  I know the hair salons are pretty much the same in them.  The one where I live looks kinda....well...sketchy lol.  I looked at their polish rack in passing, and I didn't recognize any of the brands.  

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