why should i use cuticle oil?
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Cuticle oil is easier to apply than cuticle cream (usually comes in pen form), though you can use Argan oil on your cuticles also. You just put a drop on and massage it in well. It is good to keep your cuticles well moisturized, it helps prevent hangnails and those annoying cuticle cracks that can bleed.


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It is important to use a cuticle oil or moisturizer because it helps to nourish and provide healthy growth of your nails.  Sometimes access dry skin can grow around the nail and prevent healthy nails from growing.  A nourish cuticle makes any manicure look polished! I would recommend that you try the Sephora Collection Cuticle Care Pen because it contains many essential oils that will help to nourish your nails.


Cuticle Care Pen

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Prettyinpa is absolutely right. Using cuticle oil keeps your nail beds looking and feeling healthy, prevents dry cracked skin, and keeps you from hangnails and messy manicures. Smiley Happy Using a cuticle oil pen is definitely a lot easier than a cream. The pens just need to be clicked and the oil is dispensed for easy application to the nails.


Sephora Collection Cuticle Care Pen


Cuticle Care Pen


Nails Inc Vitamin E Oil Pen


Vitamin E Oil Pen


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