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*sigh*   Feel free to laugh at me all you want.  I'm 30 in a few months (**bleep**, that number looks scary) and I can't figure out HOW to open the Butter London nail polish bottles!  It says Lift up to open on the side...and I try to, but I can't OPEN IT!   somebody help? *puppy eyes*
I don't paint my nails often enough to justify high-end base and topcoats. What are your favorite drugstore varieties?
I have never had a problem growing my nails.They come in strong and they grow long. I do however have a problem with painting them. I do them myself and put a clear coat of polish on everyday, but the day after I do them, the color has started to chip. I also try to get them professionally done every now and again. As soon as I get home from having them done I put a clear coat of polish on, again though, by the morning the color has started to chip. I've tried different salons, different brands of polish and different types of clear coats. Nothing works. I've even tried the new schllac nails and after a week or so the color peels off without any soaking. I love to have my nails looking nice but I don't want to ruin my real nails with acrylics. Some one please help!
I have a huge collectiion of regular Sephora by OPI nail polish but like the shellac polish. Can I use the UV lamp on a regular polish to make it last a bit longer? I usually have a girls night on the weekend with my daughter so we do our nails almost once a week but would like to make it for a week at least without them regular polish chipping after 2 days.
So I need a new top coat and I'm looking at the Formula X top coat. I can't find the ingredients online, so I'm asking you!  3 Free: No Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, and Formaldehyde.
For normal (not gel) nail Polish is it better to use one brand for top coat base coat and polish? Also do top coat/base coat combos really work? Thank  
I found only one review for this product on Sephora's website, and it wasn't good. Therefore, I was looking for additional feedback. I wanted to know how this product has worked out (e.g. is it long lasting). Also, is it really that different from regular matte nail polishes?
Hey guys, I got an Orly nail polish from TJ Maxx and it doesn't say what the name of the color is on the label. Instead it says FBI20818 and Orly #818. It's a pale pink polish. I tried to attach a picture but it won't let me for some reason.   Edit: I finally figured out how to post a picture!     
Do you know of a brand that carries a truly mirror-looking nail polish? I've seen someone with a manicure like it but want to know if any brands sell a polish
What brand has a better brush and doesn't chip so quickly?? 
I'm not just a beauty addict -- I'm a nail polish fiend!  I change my nail polish 2-3 times a week because I get easily bored and sometimes what looks good one day totally clashes with another outfit another day.   Currently wearing "Absolutely Alice" from OPI's Alice in Wonderland collection.   What are YOU wearing on your nails today?   [Edit:  Since this question was posed, I've gone from Essie's "Masquerade Belle" to Color Club's "Mrs. Robinson" to Deborah Lippman's "Wicked Game" to Deborah Lippman's "Bad Romance."  ]
Recently I accidentally discovered that I love jelly finish polishes. However, short of trying every polish in the world, I don't know how to pin down which ones are jelly and which aren't. So Far I have Deborah Lippman "Glitter in the AIr" and RBL Bikini Bottom. Anyone else love JEllies? Which ones are your favorites? Which brands do you prefer?
Hi, I've bought a dress from whistles (Vienna tropical floral dress) for my 40th birthday party. It's navy and a kind of acid yellowy green with slight flashes of electric blue. Ii am wearing it with electric blue shoes. Can anyone advice a good nail colour to go with it? I don't suit blues and I can't decide whether to go for something subtle like a nude, or a nude with maybe some sparkle at the tips, or whether to just embrace the whole colour thing and go for a coral or orange? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Do you guys think that Chanel nail polish is worth the money? I would love to have Blue Satin and Rouge Fatal, but $25 dollars seems like a lot for a nail polish. Especially for a teenager who makes minimum wage. Is the quality different from that of OPI or Essie at all?  I would love to have it, but I want to make sure that's it's worth the splurge before I spend my money on it. 
Does anybody know if Sephora plans to carry relatively natural/non toxic nail polish? It's pretty much the only beauty product that I need that I can't buy at Sephora, and I'd like to see some.
Thinking about buying a summer nail polish, any nice colors? 
I have the OPI gel nail kit but am running out of the pads you spray cleaner on after you manicure is finished.  What can I use in place of them?
Has anyone used Butter's British Racing Green nail polish - or another of their darker shades?  I read that it leaves a light stain and wanted to ask if anyone has had an experience with it ... thanks!
Ok, I think this is weird, I know it's never happened to me or any of my friends before, but my nail polish is coming of in a layer.  It is not chipping at all. It's just that one day I'll look down and the whole nail's polish will be gone.  and it's always one of the pointer finger's.  It doesn't make a difference if I use a base coat or not. I have been using Konad polish b/c I've been stamping my nails with Konad stamps, which do seem to work better with their polish. Any experiences?
I was wondering if anyone could suggest to me an almost black red nail polish that contains some glitter. There was this color that I loved from Forever 21 that has been discontinued (it was called Wine), and they no longer sell anything like it. It was an extremely dark red with purplish undertones and glitter.   Thank you to anyone who has any suggestions!
Hi, I recently purchased the Sephora by OPI gel coulor starter kit and I was wondering if you have to use Sephora by opi gel polish with it? Or can you use any brand gel polish? Or can you use regular polish? Thanks xx
Hi, I'm wondering if Sephora will have the Diorific nail polish by Dior in Canada stores soon? I'm really looking forward to getting them.  Thanks. Kelly. 
Hi, I really want Ciate Mini Mani Month Set!! I found that it is out of stock when I started looking for it, so could you tell me where to buy, or when will it be restocked?
Hi everyone!   I am on a quest for a great white nail polish. I want to use it as both a base coat under sheer polishes or just as a base for nail art. I'm open to pretty much any brand (doesn't need to be carried at Sephora)   I'm looking for a polish that is...   1. Completely opaque with only 1 or 2 light coats 2. Streak free 3. Not goopy/ overly thick-- the white polish I tried was extremely thick and would not apply evenly. Definitely not a good look! 4. No DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde   The only white polish I've tried is OPI for Sephora-- White Hot (streaky, goopy, requires many coats)     Thank you so much for your help!! <3
Hi Ladies!! As you all know, O.P.I. released 13 brand new polishes for the new James Bond Skyfall movie. I'm super excited for this collection. I'm loving and planning on getting 5 of the polishes. Has anyone gotten their hands on any of them? I will be purchasing:       Goldeneye Skyfall The Living Daylights On Her Majesty's Secret Service Tomorrow Never Dies     I feel Goldeneye is the star of the collection! Its such a pretty gold and I have nothing like it in my collection. Have any of you picked up some of these polishes? I would love to know what you think about them! P376455?skuId=1452010  
Candy Cane Scented Luxury 3-Piece Nail Polish Set Item # 1454826   Will this item ever be in stock? I've been stalking it for a while now and it has yet to be in stock. I don't know if it sold out as soon as it was in, or what.. but I really want this stuff!   Edited to add: Is it in stores? It's not available on the find-in-store feature, but I've seen stuff in store that said that before too.   If not, does anyone know of any other candy cane/mint scented nail polishes??
Hi Ladies. I just wanted to tell you about a product I've been using for the last two weeks to help grow my nails out and to help strengthen them. It is called Nail Magic Hardener and Conditioner and I picked it up from Sally's Beaty Supply for $7.99 with my card. Without the card, it is around $8.99 depending on where you live. It is perfect for girls like me who have thin, soft, weak, brittle nails that peel like crazy or who bite their nails also. It strengthens, thickens, and conditions nails so they grow long and beautiful. On the box it says that in 8 weeks you will have long beautiful nails. So far I've only had peeling on my thumbs which is good because I usually get peels on my middle, index and thumb fingers. I read and watched reviews on it to see if it worked and a lot of the reviews said that it works wonders. Some of the reviewers also said that when they applied the product to their nails the first few times, it felt like their nails were burning and their fingers swelled up pretty badly. I did not have any reactions to it. It also smells heavily of chemicals which is good because it prevents biting. Essie Grow Stronger also works the same way too. I'm liking the results of the Nail Magic. I use it twice a week (Sundays and Wednesdays) just like the instructions say. I also use it as a base coat when I paint my nails and it works well.   For some reason my computer won't let me post the pictures of my nail growth here.  I have pictures on my instagram of my nails of how they are doing with this product if you want to see. My instagram username is the same as my username here. I recommend reading/watching reviews before buying this product. If you decide to try this product and it doesn't work for you, you can always return it and use Essie Grow Stronger which is less harsh but has the same results.  I really like this product and the results so check it out if you're looking for something to help grow your nails!