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nail shelac/gel polish

So recently I have gotten my nails done and I got what the nail tech called "Gelish" which is like a nail gel that is baked onto the fingernails with UV light. The color is SUPER pretty an so far I have had it on for 4 days with absolutely NO chipping! It's even  lasting through the thousands of times I have to wash and sanitize my hands at work!!

As much as I LOVE my normal polishes - they're either OPI or Sephora by OPI - I prefer the gel only because it can survive all the hand hygeine I do at work! I don't trust myself to buy the gel polish materials from Sallys, because I'm scared I will make it looks funky. Does anyone out there have the materials to use the gel polish at home? Do you feel like you do a good enough job on your own with this stuff, or should I suck it up to ge the manicure every few weeks?

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I do this stuff in school, so I would say I'm pretty good at it lol. I've actually taken a gel nail course that includes Shellac in it, so I have everything at home. Gel nails aren't so bad to do. It's kinda like applying nail polish, just applying it thicker. If you like tips for length, it's easier than sculpting. Sculpting took me a few times to get it right when I was taught it. Shellac is extremely easy. It's just like applying nail polish except using a uv lamp.

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