nail polish removal, what gives?

why are some colors so hard to get off? 4 days ago I painted my nails, I used the same base coat and top coat that I always use, and a new china glaze color i got. now here I am using the nail nail polish remover I always use, and I can't get this stuff off. I've been at it for 45 minutes now, and i've only got one hand nail polish free. I even poured some in a bowl and let my nails soak.


i don't get why some shades do this. I have one UD, another china glaze, 2 OPI, and 1 Orly that do this as well, and a million other bottles that don't. and I can't figure out why some do this and others don't. this is a shimmery blue, the other china glaze is a creme blue, the UD is a metallic gold/silver, the OPI's are a dark glittery blue, and a creme purple, and the Orly is a dark color i cant really describe with lots of glitter, so it's not the color or the finish that cause the issue.

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To get rid of glittery nail polishes, a friend gave me a pretty good tip: instead of using cotton, use felt material. You can get the felt material from art supply stores and cut it up into small pieces. The felt is a little more abrasive than cotton and is a great approach to efficiently get rid of the glittery nail polishes.

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