nail polish removal, what gives?

why are some colors so hard to get off? 4 days ago I painted my nails, I used the same base coat and top coat that I always use, and a new china glaze color i got. now here I am using the nail nail polish remover I always use, and I can't get this stuff off. I've been at it for 45 minutes now, and i've only got one hand nail polish free. I even poured some in a bowl and let my nails soak.


i don't get why some shades do this. I have one UD, another china glaze, 2 OPI, and 1 Orly that do this as well, and a million other bottles that don't. and I can't figure out why some do this and others don't. this is a shimmery blue, the other china glaze is a creme blue, the UD is a metallic gold/silver, the OPI's are a dark glittery blue, and a creme purple, and the Orly is a dark color i cant really describe with lots of glitter, so it's not the color or the finish that cause the issue.

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To get rid of glittery nail polishes, a friend gave me a pretty good tip: instead of using cotton, use felt material. You can get the felt material from art supply stores and cut it up into small pieces. The felt is a little more abrasive than cotton and is a great approach to efficiently get rid of the glittery nail polishes.

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Hi, pariah...I have the same problem with certain glittery polishes and darker colors, especially in the blue and red family. 

The way I have found that works best for me to get those hard-to-remove colors and glittery polishes off is to completely saturate a cotton ball in polish remover and let the cotton ball sit on my finger for a count of 20 before rubbing at the polish.  It loosens the polish up so that it comes off much easier.  If your nails are stained red or blue (or whatever color) after removing the polish, you can soak your fingers in lemon juice which will remove the stains.

Hope this helps! Smiley Happy

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Some colors, because of their color or ingredients in the polish, are harder to get off. Especially nail polish with glitter in it. But look at it this way, they don't come off easily, so they have long-wear power. If you really like those colors, then try to use just a base and not a top coat of don't apply two layers of polish. Also, instead of using a cotton ball when removing the polish, use a special nail polish removing. makeup remover from a drugstore. They are white and flat with textured bumps on one side to make getting nail polish off easier. 

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