nail polish names

Does anyone want a polish more if the color has an absolutely awesome name?

Of course, I still have to like the actual product in the bottle. But if it has a cool name, I'll tend to want it more.


1. I am a dancer. I recently discovered OPI's Urban Ballerina Collection. I now very much want "Leotard Optional,"

a gorgeous shade with a just-as-gorgeous name. Sadly, it is 9.50, and I have never paid more than five dollars for a polish.


2. Another pricey polish, this time from Nails Inc. I loooovvee the UK, their flag, Kate and William, their food, the history. Which is why I am excited over their collection, which has a tonnnn of shades, all named after famous locations in Britain. I mean, come on. "Brook Street."    

It's a gorgeous shade, a place in Britain, and my name is Brooke! Not to mention that the packaging is pretty cool looking. It sells itself. I also am liking Warwick Avenue.

Of course, I won't buy a polish just for the name. But does it get anyone else just a little bit more excited over the product? Smiley Very Happy

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No, i more go for the color haha. To be honest i don't even look at the polish name!

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