how do you open the butter london nail polish?
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Feel free to laugh at me all you want.  I'm 30 in a few months (**bleep**, that number looks scary) and I can't figure out HOW to open the Butter London nail polish bottles!  It says Lift up to open on the side...and I try to, but I can't OPEN IT!


somebody help? *puppy eyes*

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Honestly, I tried to open one and ripped the top off. And I think that's actually what you're supposed to do? I don't even know, lol.

I think I did what islandqt said to, but just was a little more frustrated, ha ha.


Hope this helped!!

xoxo, Charlotte

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LOL... I had the same trouble... that's why I googled the question and found your post here------  Guess what, there is a small piece of transparent tape on one side.  (Not the side with the image of the little hand with the finger pointing up.)  Once I removed it, and slapped my forhead (doh) the lid came right off.


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Remove the clear tape from the side opposite the hand which says lift to open.  Then you can lift up the black cap, which does not have the brush on it to apply polish.  Underneath the black cap is a twist off cap with the brush. 

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The square black top is not the actual handle (much like the covers of the chanel toppers). Basically you just grasp it anyway you like and pull it off. It should slide up very easily. underneath there will be a regular twist off cap that is attached to the brush. I hope that helps!

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