What is your fav currently available nail polish?
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So I'm new to the party, and only recently learned of the existence of clarins 230, and I don't own any RBL (yet) Smiley Happy  - but I want to know what everyone's favs are of current colors - things I don't have to hunt down like the elusive white whale - or pay $70 dollars a bottle for on eBay.  So dish, girls - what are the winners of today?

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nice is nice (mild lavender)

sugar daddy (sheer pink)

mink muffs (smoky taupe)

sweet talker (soft blue)

mint candy apple (minty light green)



i'm not really a waitress (shiny red)

samoan sand (nude)

the pirates of the carribbean collection (as of now summer 2011)


opi for sephora:

break a leg warmer

shiny dancer


and anything that has a shattered or crackle effect. i just want to know the chemistry behind that. it's kind of amazing.


i love funky nail art and designs. i just wish i had the time and patience to do them.

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