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The New Black - Candy Cane Scented polish set
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Candy Cane Scented Luxury 3-Piece Nail Polish Set

Item # 1454826

The New Black - Candy Cane Scented Luxury 3-Piece Nail Polish Set


Will this item ever be in stock? I've been stalking it for a while now and it has yet to be in stock. I don't know if it sold out as soon as it was in, or what.. but I really want this stuff!


Edited to add: Is it in stores? It's not available on the find-in-store feature, but I've seen stuff in store that said that before too.


If not, does anyone know of any other candy cane/mint scented nail polishes??

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Hi Lowrah.  I'm excited to try that one too!  It should be available online soon, so keep an eye out Smiley Happy It doesn't look like it's available in store yet either.

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Super cute! I can't wait for this set either. I haven't had so much luck with scented polishes but this one should be different if its candy cane and minty smelling Smiley Happy 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Hey lowrah - Ooh-La-La! This set is Gorgeous! Thanks for posting and asking about it. I'd never seen it before & it looks and sounds Delish. Would go real crazy if it smelled like peppermint!! OMG just re-read your post - it Does smell like candy canes? YUM!!


I just have to hope that my brain, or my taste buds, remember this. My brain's been on the fritz lately. I hope for the sake of us both that it comes in and we find and purchase it before it gets sold out, I'm thinking it will go fast. Will you let me know of you know if you hear anything? Thanks in advance. yum!

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So the set is cute.....but reading the it available or no?  What is the VIB code?  Are they not out yet and the nail polish is but ur waiting for the code?  I say that u could probably just find colors sis iliac to this and not have to wait for this set t ba available.....

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I just checked, and it says it is in stock online.  Yay!!  

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