Summer Nails
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I tried out a flower nail design, but I kind of messed it up by doing it quickly Smiley Tongue I don't know if you can see but it is a hot pink nail base and a purple flower. nails.jpg

Post any designs that you come up with that are floral or summery! Smiley Very Happy

How I did the nails:

1) Paint a hot pink base on your nails

2) Take a toothpick and smash one end on the ground or a hard flat surface so the tip is flattened (a nail dotter works as well)

3) Take a piece of paper and put a bit of purple nail polish on it

4) Take the smashed end of the toothpick and put 5 dots in a circle on the nail

5) Take the other pointy end of the toothpick and drag from the center of the dots into the center

6) I used a glitter top coat and you can't see the design well so, use a clear polish


ps. yes that is a hello kitty bow in the last pict! It is a hair bow but i was using it as a ring lol Smiley Wink 

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Hi! I love this new effect- it's a trendsetter! "Marbelized" nails look so cool!here's a pic:


The instructions can be found at Cosmopolitian's website. Many variations can be made, and they are simple to use. Hope this helped! Smiley Happy


Cute!!!  I have yet to try to draw flowers like that with a toothpick.  I'll have to get around to it soon! 


I painted my nails yesterday with Sephora by O.P.I. in Slushied.  It's one of the Glee colors.  Although I don't watch Glee, the polish was on sale for 4 bucks lol.  The shade reminds me of cotton candy and the title makes me want to go to Weigal's for a slushie lol.

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Super cute!

What's the name/brand of the color you used for a base? I really love it!


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So cute! and im lovin ur ring!

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Very, very cute!!!  You always have the most interesting ideas for nails!  I have a hard enough time just trying to keep my polish off my skin, ha ha!

Smiley Happy

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This look is too adorable! I love how you use the HK bow as a ring. Smiley Happy Keep the looks coming. 

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