Squared, Squoval or Round Nails?

Hi! :smileyhappy: how do you ladies and gents shape your nails? I love squaring off my nails. I think they look nice, clean and professional. My nails naturally grow rounded and since I have long bony spider fingers, rounded nails make them look inhuman and I've accidentally cut people with them :smileysad: . Squoval nails I sometimes do if I want a change in nail shape. If I want to go back to square nails I can just file them back :smileyhappy:  

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I have long fingers too.  I usually get manicures in square round.  I don't like anything to stark.  They start by creating a square but smooth the edges.  I love french manicures in this shape.  Otherwise, I round them if I get a tear across a nail and need to even them.  I really pay attention to nail techniques by manicurists.  I've actually had someone put lotion on my hands and then ask me to wash them.  After that they went on with the rest of the steps.  I have noticed some manicurists do not buff the nails while some do.  I've had cuticles cut or they use solution to remove excess. I don't ask ahead of time because I kind of find it to be interesting.


I like round nails. Any edges really annoy me. My nail go from being really long, so much that its hard to write with a pen because my nails are digging into my palm, to super-short out of frustration.

I have short slender fingers and file to a squoval shape- it is easy to maintain and doesn't make them look any shorter. I'd love to have long spider fingers, hmm, it would be worth trying to keep up nail polish if the finished look was great!

I've tried the square shape but I'm too rough on my hands and the edges always break or dig too hard into my palms! I usually keep a sorta sqoval shape, rounded if I have them REALLY short but pretty low maintenance! Super long nails can be pretty intense on me sometimes because my fingers are already pretty long. 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

I tend to keep mine square or a bit squoval.  I also have long, slender fingers.  My promise ring from my boyfriend is a size four and three-quarters lol.  I had no idea that size existed lol.  I don't cut my cuticles, but I do push them back with a cuticle remover gel and Revlon cuticle pusher.  Burt's Bees Cuticle Creme has been the best thing for my cuticles! 

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I have long fingers too, I like to grow them out and square them off. :smileyhappy:

<3 Melissa
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I have really long slender fingers and find that squoval works best for them, it's a nice natural option. I find that when I file my nails into a square shape they break and chip fast :smileysad:.

Whimsically yours,
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I'm a sqoaval kind of gal.

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I don't have long skinny fingers, but my fingers are a little bigger and my nail beds are large too, so they're usually squoval. Rounding them off makes my hands look manly...

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I have squoval nails and I have to keep them very short for work.

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