Squared, Squoval or Round Nails?

Hi! Smiley Happy how do you ladies and gents shape your nails? I love squaring off my nails. I think they look nice, clean and professional. My nails naturally grow rounded and since I have long bony spider fingers, rounded nails make them look inhuman and I've accidentally cut people with them Smiley Sad . Squoval nails I sometimes do if I want a change in nail shape. If I want to go back to square nails I can just file them back Smiley Happy  

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I have long fingers too.  I usually get manicures in square round.  I don't like anything to stark.  They start by creating a square but smooth the edges.  I love french manicures in this shape.  Otherwise, I round them if I get a tear across a nail and need to even them.  I really pay attention to nail techniques by manicurists.  I've actually had someone put lotion on my hands and then ask me to wash them.  After that they went on with the rest of the steps.  I have noticed some manicurists do not buff the nails while some do.  I've had cuticles cut or they use solution to remove excess. I don't ask ahead of time because I kind of find it to be interesting.

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