Soothe ragged cuticles
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Any recommendations for something that helps with SERIOUSLY ragged cuticles?  I'm in a bad habit of biting them when they are dry and ragged, which only makes it worse.  I really would like to make my nails grow and stop biting, but I've found that what makes them look the worst is the cuticle area.  Any suggestions to help reform my cuticle and nail biting habits?

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Cuticle clippers really helped me with my cuticles when they peeled. you can buy a pair from the drugstore, they're not expensive and don't hurt as long as you only clip the parts that are ragged. Apply a cuticle cream regularly to keep them from drying out and getting ragged again and i would Strongly recommend the no nail biting polish also. My mom used to use that on me when i was little to get me to stop sucking my thumb, lol! it was disgusting, but hey, it workedSmiley Happy

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I would suggest a cuticle cream like sephora collection healing eucalyptus cuticle oil or sephora by opi brush on cuticle oil for your dry cuticles. As for biting your nails. I had the same problem! You can try some no bite nail polish, they taste really bad. I stopped by painting my nails and pretty color everyday! Then I remembered how pretty my nails are when their painted and long and I kept them long. But all and all, as with any bad habit, you really just have to make up your mind not to do it! And honestly I still bite in stressful times every now and then.

Good luck! You're nails will thank you!

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