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Any body (as crazy as me) tried any of the nail polishes from RBL? I've read mostly rave reviews about them, but I'm looking for reviews/experiences from fellow Beauty Talkers!

Their nail polish is FOUR free and pigment rich-- and as long as we are on the subject of rich, they are pretty pricey!! $18 a bottle! Their shipping costs are high, too and they only do free shipping after $100! I can't see myself spending that much on 5 bottles of nail polish. If they are as awesome as everyone says they are, I think Sephora should carry them! Then  would buy more of them. I ended up buying 2 from Amazon because there was free shopping and a discontinued color I had been dying for. I won't receive my order until April, so I'm just wondering what to expevct.

Please share if you have any experience with them!

Thanks in advance!

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I have seven different colors by RBL. The formulas vary a little depending on the finish, which is to be expected, but I'm very impressed by them.  I have hundreds of bottles of nail polish, but my RBL shades are still standouts, much better than my experiences with other high-end brands like Chanel (the chipping was awful).  The RBL creme shades are more typical but the coverage and application is probably the best.  The shimmer shades are especially sophisticated and interesting but go on a little thicker.  They are a splurge, but many of the limited time shades are incredibly unique and stunning - worth the money.  I pass on the majority of the core line because the colors are more typical, but I usually buy two of the four shades in every new limited edition collection that's put out.  If you're serious about owning great nail polish, I would advise you to start now.  The spring colors are selling fast.


The creator is very customer and fan-oriented; she has votes to bring back discontinued colors, she frequently updates her facebook fans with inventory levels, and she recently took user submissions and held a contest to pick new colors.  She's also very nice and if you ever have a concern, you know she'll get back to you right away.  She likes her fans to be happy and talks to them all the time on facebook Smiley Happy  She's very good at cultivating loyal clients for a reason.

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