Rainbow Gradient for the End of Summer

With the summer nearing its end, I decided to let the bright colors go out with a bang.  However, I probably will wear brights from time to time lol.  I also tried out a different graident technique.  I usually work with one color at a time to build it up, but this time I applied all three colors to the sponge and worked with it from there.  Since this was a bit of an experiment, the blue shade stained my cuticles and skin.  Talk about a stubborn shade!  Oh well, the experiment was fun after that day I had at school (I did this on Friday).



Rainbow Gradient with Watermark.jpg



In order to shorten the process since I was working with neons, I applied a base color of China Glaze White on White.  The colors I used were my OPI Nicki Minaj minis, which I absolutely LOVE!!!  The colors are Fly (blue), Did It On 'Em (yellow-green), and Pink Friday (pink, I've bought a full size of it now lol).  I still used the wedge makeup sponges, and I went over each nail about 3 times until it popped enough.  I've been using a different top coat lately.  It's the Out the Door topcoat from Sally's.  My Seche Vite was getting gloopy, so it was time for a new one lol.

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Your skin/cuticle does not look stained. One question, how do you make sure there's no bump when you are applying multiple colors? because when I tried to do gradient or marble or the yin/yang nail, there are always little bump and semi-visible patches where I was trying to fix things. =X


On another note, you asked about the Kat Von D polish, so here it is

2012-09-09 11.51.25.jpg

Ignore the peeling off mint nail and the bumpy marble nail. the KVD polish is blue-ish purple with pink glitter. I just applied 1 coat, which is what you saw there, but if you apply more coat, the polish color comes through more and the purple look less pink. If you want it, there is a possibility of it appearing online, but I know some stores still have them, and on sale, too. =)


p.s. That's the limit of my nail expertise, but I tried these on Sephora sample jars and really like them, you might enjoy them, too. =)



It's hard to combat those little bumps. I was actually reading some comments on an Instagram picture that someone took of the bumps from the polish. People listed various reasons as to why it happens; most I never even thought of. Some reasons, from the are comments are if there is fan nearby or AC running where you paint and dry your nails, shaking the polish bottle right before applying it, and basecoats. The polish bottle shaking confused me. Apparently, you're supposed to shake it and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes. I've never done that. In some patches, I use a smudge corrector to blend it out. I bought one on sale from Avon last year, and it works as well as it first did.

That slideshow has me ready for Christmas, now! lol. I love the snowflake one, especially that blue polish. The KVD polish looks really opaque for the first coat, even though it's more pink than purple. It looks like it would be a good polish for stamping!

KVD would be good for stamping! It's a bit sheer but my nail color sort of complements it so if you don't look closely, you won't see the bit more transparent spot to the right of the white reflection. You can sort of see how it shows up on lighter and darker color from the marble nail.


If you want opaque nail polish, the blue one is from Milani I brought from CVS and it's pretty opaque, and Sally Hansen fast dry in darker colors are also pretty opaque

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Thanks for opaque polish suggestions! I have never tried anything by Milani, but I've hard their polishes are pretty good. I see their glitter polishes a lot on Instagram. Since my mom and I are going to Kingsport on Saturday, we're going to stop by Ulta. It's nail polish heaven in there! lol.
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