Rainbow Gradient for the End of Summer

With the summer nearing its end, I decided to let the bright colors go out with a bang.  However, I probably will wear brights from time to time lol.  I also tried out a different graident technique.  I usually work with one color at a time to build it up, but this time I applied all three colors to the sponge and worked with it from there.  Since this was a bit of an experiment, the blue shade stained my cuticles and skin.  Talk about a stubborn shade!  Oh well, the experiment was fun after that day I had at school (I did this on Friday).



Rainbow Gradient with Watermark.jpg



In order to shorten the process since I was working with neons, I applied a base color of China Glaze White on White.  The colors I used were my OPI Nicki Minaj minis, which I absolutely LOVE!!!  The colors are Fly (blue), Did It On 'Em (yellow-green), and Pink Friday (pink, I've bought a full size of it now lol).  I still used the wedge makeup sponges, and I went over each nail about 3 times until it popped enough.  I've been using a different top coat lately.  It's the Out the Door topcoat from Sally's.  My Seche Vite was getting gloopy, so it was time for a new one lol.

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So very pretty!!! I really love this and want to try the gradient process. It looks like I need to get my screen on some YouTube tutorials and step by steps as I'd like to try something fun for my birthday coming up! I just haven't had the time to figure out how to do gradient nails just yet.. I love these! They remind me of popsicles or lollipops from theme parks when I was a kid. 


Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

W.O.W. That is amazing! It looks really cool and fun. What a great way to send off the summer! Smiley Happy



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Your skin/cuticle does not look stained. One question, how do you make sure there's no bump when you are applying multiple colors? because when I tried to do gradient or marble or the yin/yang nail, there are always little bump and semi-visible patches where I was trying to fix things. =X


On another note, you asked about the Kat Von D polish, so here it is

2012-09-09 11.51.25.jpg

Ignore the peeling off mint nail and the bumpy marble nail. the KVD polish is blue-ish purple with pink glitter. I just applied 1 coat, which is what you saw there, but if you apply more coat, the polish color comes through more and the purple look less pink. If you want it, there is a possibility of it appearing online, but I know some stores still have them, and on sale, too. =)


p.s. That's the limit of my nail expertise, but I tried these on Sephora sample jars and really like them, you might enjoy them, too. =)




Kimmi, these are so awesome! That gradient technique seems hard, I have never tried that out before, but you sure make me want to! lol. You should seriously become a nail artist, you are so good at it! Fun look, especially for the end of the summer (:

I can't wait to see what you do next!



WOW! Your nails always look so great! Do you do tutorial videos at all? I'd really love to see how you do them.

I agree with Hannico! You NEED to make tutorials! Smiley Very Happy



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