Orgasm Nail Polish Alternative?
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I've fallen in love with the Nars Orgasm nail polish color. But I won't buy it for three reasons:


1. I'm a fifteen year old girl. It's inappropriate for someone my age to buy something with that name.

2. What if one of my peers asks me the name of my polish because they like it?

3. I don't want to support a company that has pretty much all their products with inappropriate names.


So is their any color out there that's close to this shade?

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I completely agree with your points. Sadly, that polish is really one of a kind. However, there are some other polishes that paralell Orgasm's shimmer and nude shade. I suggest


Dior Dior Vernis Nail Lacquer in Pink Icing

Essie Polish in Sequin Sash

Or, as an alternative to the alternatives, you could find a nice peach color, which is quite popular and shouldn't be hard to locate, and once it's dry, overlay it with a shimmering gold topcoat.


Hope this helps!

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