Nail gems and stickers!
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I tried this trend for the first time recently.  I got these gem stickers from an Asian market last year, and have been hesitant to use them because they're just so pretty.  (I'm such a dork.)  Well, I finally put them to good use.  I was pleasantly surprised at how long these actually lasted with just one layer of topcoat on them-- about 5 days, and I shower daily!  I got plenty of compliments on them.  But I learned something from this-- ONLY USE STICKERS MEANT FOR NAILS.  These were not, and the glue took a while to come off.  So, do you have any experience with this trend? Smiley Very Happy

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Those stickers are pretty!  I can see why you were saving them lol.  I haven't worn any nail stickers in a while.  Before my family and I went to the beach for summer vacation, my mom let me do her nails.  I used ocean themed stickers over her dark blue nail polish.  It came out quite well and lasted through the ocean salt water!  I got those stickers at Sally's Beauty Supply.  They have a really good collection of nail stickers and nail art materials.


well i have gem flowers by sally hansen, and i am so happy! i used a sephora placing and dotting tool and they don't even need to be stickers! they could be any gem you want! I put 2 coats of color and then a top coat while it was still wet, i used the tool to press the petals of the flowers into the wet polish and then put on another lay of top coat, and your done! It works great and it comes off so easily by just using nail polish remover! you can get these at any drugstore or you can try the gems by sephora!


hope this helps!


Hi ialli!


I love nail stickers and gems! But as soon as I do one design I want to do another. Smiley Wink Definitely make sure you use gems that are just for your nails! They can be hard to remove and even damage the nail beds and nail if you use the wrong kind. I really like the new Sephora Nail Embellishment stickers, I just purchased the gold flowers that look amazing on black nail polish!  Also, you can get the nail gems, stickers and even the glitter to dry super quick just by using the Nail Colour Quick Dry Spray which I bought and LOVE. Since I put on so many layers of product (base coat, polish, gems, glitter, stickers, etc) this makes a huge difference and lets my nails dry especially fast. Smiley Happy 



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Omg those are SO pretty Smiley Very Happy Do they fall off easily, because I don't want to worry about them falling off into my food or anything like that Smiley Surprised 

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