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Hi, I've bought a dress from whistles (Vienna tropical floral dress) for my 40th birthday party. It's navy and a kind of acid yellowy green with slight flashes of electric blue. Ii am wearing it with electric blue shoes. Can anyone advice a good nail colour to go with it? I don't suit blues and I can't decide whether to go for something subtle like a nude, or a nude with maybe some sparkle at the tips, or whether to just embrace the whole colour thing and go for a coral or orange? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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I think if you did a soft nude with a shimmering gold tip it would compliment the dress very well if you want to have an accent color.


If you're looking to do just one color, a holographic coral/orange would be very festive! The color that Kimmi has in her holographic nail polish thread would be very suitable!


Blue and orange are opposites on the color wheel so they pop and stand out against each other, lending its hand to a striking contrast, but also not clashing.


Since orange is comprised of red and yellow, if you don't want something as bold in comparison, choose a yellow based gold shimmer like OPI's Not Another Polish Joke from their Euro Centrale collection (photo from The Polishaholic, great site for swatches and brands):


You can always do an ombre effect on nails with a nude at the base of the nail, fading into the golden shimmer rather than a traditional mani. I did a similar look with pink and purple shimmer here (photo for reference):


P.S. Have fun at your party! With the sounds of that dress it looks like you're ready to celebrate! Happy early birthday, too!

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