Nail colors appropriate for corporate America?
As a recent college grad I am now getting into the corporate world. What are some appropriate nail polish colors for interviews other than a French manicure?
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Hi Nchaffey,


I have worked in a variety of places where different colors depend on the company themselves! Here at Sephora pretty much anything goes! I haven't had a complaint yet whether it has been neon yellow polish or cheetah print nail stickers!


I did work in a retail store (pretty popular one specializing in lingerie with the initials VS) where they were VERY precise on the shades you could or could not wear. French manicures, clear or red were fine but anything else were not! Hard for a nail polish junkie like me.


When in doubt, stick with a neutral pink shade, beige or a clear. Those are nearly always accepted anywhere you go. Try to choose your color based on the type of company it is. A more laid back and fun place will probably be a bit forgiving with color choice, but a larger location in a more corporate setting may not. I hope this information helps you!


Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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