Nail colors appropriate for corporate America?
As a recent college grad I am now getting into the corporate world. What are some appropriate nail polish colors for interviews other than a French manicure?
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For an interview you probably want something a bit traditional.


Unfortunately I have limited nail experience. When I have professional/business events, I apply clear or sheer pink nail polish that brightens my nails a bit the day before. Your nail should compliment and not distract from your outfit. Being clean and well-groomed is important. Apply the nail polish and put on your interview outfit, then go to a full length mirror, close your eyes, then open them and see. Is nail polish the first thing you notice? as you move your hand, is it distracting?


French manicure is super dignified and great for any occasion. You can also take advantage of the more matte colors...still trendy yet appropriate for the work place! I wish you the best on your interview! GO GET EM TIGER!!


Hi nchaffey - I think a French Manicure is an excellent option, especially for an interview. I think as long as you hands/nails are well-manicured and not too long you're in good shape. I'd keep them on the short side, just enough to do the French Mani. If you take the job I'd start out very conservatively with my polish selections until you get a good handle on what others are doing.


I should clarify, I think it's important to not just see what others are doing and then go with it. I think it's important to get to know people a little and find the people you respect and would like to model yourself after, sort of like a 'corporate nailpolish mentor', and then you can follow their lead or even ask what they think. I hope this helps you out and I really hope you come back and tell us whether or not  you take the job. I also see that it says you're new, I just gave you your first heart, hopefully the first of many.


Best of luck with your interview. Smiley Happy


I'd stick with nude colours maybe even pastels (depending on what you're wearing), nothing too bright and distracting.
It should compliment your outfit, not be the focal point. 
Light pinks are perfect.

My favourite colours are:

A True Romantic
I Gotta Blush on You
The Way TuTu His Heart
Why Yellow There
Is It Payday Yet?
Give Peach a Chance 




You've received some excellent advice and recommendations for your interviews.  I totally agree that the most important thing is to have nails that are well groomed and are what I would call a "working length."  During the summer months you have excellent options for sheer colors that aren't too over the top or distracting.  My first choice would be a French manicure but I also love sheer nudes, particularly for the spring and summer.  During the fall and winter months I tend to go for darker colors, including browns, plums or deep reds.


Good luck with your interviews!



Hi Nchaffey,


I have worked in a variety of places where different colors depend on the company themselves! Here at Sephora pretty much anything goes! I haven't had a complaint yet whether it has been neon yellow polish or cheetah print nail stickers!


I did work in a retail store (pretty popular one specializing in lingerie with the initials VS) where they were VERY precise on the shades you could or could not wear. French manicures, clear or red were fine but anything else were not! Hard for a nail polish junkie like me.


When in doubt, stick with a neutral pink shade, beige or a clear. Those are nearly always accepted anywhere you go. Try to choose your color based on the type of company it is. A more laid back and fun place will probably be a bit forgiving with color choice, but a larger location in a more corporate setting may not. I hope this information helps you!


Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

I work as a Financial Analyst for a worldwide corporation.  I’ve found that as long as your nails aren’t over the top or distracting, almost anything goes.  I love darker shades on my nails – deep red, blue, plum, chocolate brown, even black.  I tend to stay away from pinks, light colors or French manicures.   The key is having nails that are clean, trimmed and polish free of chips.


I agree that anything that's not over the top or overwhelming is fine.  I work for a company where the dress is more on the conservative side and I wear many different colours (when I actually bother to do my nails).  It also depends on your skin tone, some colours will pop more than others.  I am really liking NARS orgasm which is a peachy pink with a hint of shimmer and OPI for Sephora Casting Call which has grey undertones.



Hi nchaffey, I wear OPI by Sephora in most of their pinks and reds. They are sheer with a little bit of color. As long as you top and base coat they last about a good week without chipping. I keep them no longer than 1/8 in in length. I can't stand listening to gals type with their long nails at work. I know that maybe just me, but I find it distracting. I hope this helps Smiley Happy
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