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Has anyone used the "nail art set" yet?  I just purchased mine. I already owned Orly brand art brush (but that's all it was...a brush without the other tools).  I bought the three pack nail buffer too.  It's actually better at filing than my other sephora file.  I need to remove the ridges that I see on my nails.  The only other task is to figure out if I really need to touch the cuticles.  I now know why the manicure is so great.  I don't really appreciate having to work on filing my right hand's nails with my left hand.  Not fun!  (I'm right handed).  Anyway, the shine left after the fourth step is great!  Back to the original question.  If anyone has pictures of nails  Ughmm...  @Kimmie Smiley Happy  please share.  I'd love to see a few looks you created with the marbling tool and the dotting tool. 


I'm going to try a look or two.  One of the looks that inspired me to create dots came from Pinterest.  It was a gray background with pretty dots. 




Nail art set from Sephora:





Here's the nail art I created using the set. 


2012-09-16 10.19.21-1-1nail art set dots.jpg


I used NARS base coat, Sephora by OPI in A-ha! Moment, Zoya Freja, Sephora M21, Chanel in 461 Blue Satin and OPI top coat.

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I hadn't heard of this either... thanks for sharing! 

It looks cool, and I really need a dotting tool, because Bobby pins don't work allthat great, and I need to stop ruining them haha. I want to wait for a few more reviews though, because i saw a set for 5 dotting tools for around the same price, so I'm deciding which one to get. 


Thanks again, let me know how you like it! 


~We are all beautiful~


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Hi berniebeauty,

I was actually using an old earing to try my first dots. Let me say that it is much more difficult to do it that way. At least with the dotting tool there's the long handle. It helps so I can steady it against something if my hand moves. E.X. trying to use my left hand to dot my right hand...much more difficult. I'm right handed. I lean the tool in my hand while my hand is pressed against a table. I like it. I wished I had purchased this first. Though, when I purchased my nail brush, Sephora didn't have this set out yet. So lucky for others! I still haven't tried the marbeling portion or the brush. I'm sure they are great. I have been busy with other things. I see that the magazines are featuring manicure contests on Twitter. I guess this would be a great time to try to use it Smiley Happy
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