NAIL polish separating!
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I have a few old nail polishes from OPI/Zoya/etc, and some of them have separated with a layer of oil on top, what should I do? Can I still use them?



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Yes, you can save the polish if the polish is not too old.  If it's too old to be salvaged, it will be "stringy" when you try to spread it (different than thick, which will improve with polish thinner), if it does not spread evenly, clumps or stringy, it may be too far gone to use. Old polish (and cheap crummy polish) will not dry well either.  Put a couple of drops of nail polish remover in the bottle (better to mix it a little at a time) and shake, but do not shake hard . . . shaking it hard just mixes air into it so save your wrist and let the little bearings that are in most bottles help mix it.  Keep adding a drop or two of polish remover until you have the right consistency to polish your nails with again.

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You might just need thinner for ur nail polish that's all you can get it at Sallys or if your drugstore sell it. 

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You should be able to use them unless they have gotten thick. I just shake mine up and keep right on using them most of the time. I just throw mine out when they get thick.

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Check you local beauty supply stores for nail polish thinner. It works the same way as described by tenngal.

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