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Hi i'm 13 and i love painting my nails. I want to do a thanksgiving themed nail(s) but i cant think of any. I went to YouTube but they arent very creative. If you have any ideas please let me know. Thanks.:womanvery-happy:

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It kind of depends on how long your nails are.

I think that a cute idea would be to paint a feather on each one, or maybe even a turkey drumstick? haha :smileyhappy:

You can try painting a slice of pumpkin pie on each one, and on the thumb painting a full pie, but people might not get it lol.

Try just using orange, brown and yellow shades in a cool design? Those colors are usually associated with thankgiving. And putting one of those pilgrim hats on the thumb? :smileyhappy:

Here are some Thanksgiving-related pictures that might give you an idea:

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