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Hi i'm 13 and i love painting my nails. I want to do a thanksgiving themed nail(s) but i cant think of any. I went to YouTube but they arent very creative. If you have any ideas please let me know. Thanks.Woman Very Happy

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Hi Jessie143, 


What a fun idea! I was just thinking of what colors to paint my nails too Smiley Wink


Try some of our cool nail tutorials on Sephora TV and feel free to substitute colors to your own choices. You can also see our great tips and how to's from Sophy Robson on the perfect manicure by clicking here. 


Try an orange nail with gold, copper, or bronze glittery tips, or use gold or bronze rhinestones to make festive designs and stripes. I've done a fall leaf pattern where I did orange nails and using toothpicks dipped in other shades (or Sephora collection nail pens!) painted on yellow and brown and green leaves by making small squares of color  and pulling the shades outwards.  If you have the patience to do so, try a turkey! yellow and brown and red feathers and tiny dots of black for eyes on a brown head. 


Try some of these shades and products that I recommend below, all from our Sephora by OPI collection



Hi Def

Hi Def


Beauty Junkie

Beauty Junkie


Fiercely Fabulous

Fiercely Fabulous


Don't Be Eggnogious

Don't Be Eggnogious


Cab Fare

Cab Fare




Gold Nail Glitter




Sephora Collection Nail Design Pen

Nail Design Pen


Read Between the Lines

Read Between The Lines


Who's That Swirl

Who's That Swirl


Sephora Collection Nail Lacquer


L12 Yellow Umbrella

L12 - Yellow Umbrella


L42 Military Jacket

L42 - Military Jacket



L03 Cherry Popsicle

L03 - Cherry Popsicle



I hope these suggestions and videos can help you Smiley Happy Have fun and be creative, and definitely show us your new nail look! 





Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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How about a candy corn theme? White tips, orange nail and yellow moons? OPI for Sephora in A-Ha Moment for white, Hi-Def for orange and Cab Fare for yellow.


I think it would be way too hard to paint little turkeys on your nails, though it would be really fun! Smiley Very Happy


Good luck!


It kind of depends on how long your nails are.

I think that a cute idea would be to paint a feather on each one, or maybe even a turkey drumstick? haha Smiley Happy

You can try painting a slice of pumpkin pie on each one, and on the thumb painting a full pie, but people might not get it lol.

Try just using orange, brown and yellow shades in a cool design? Those colors are usually associated with thankgiving. And putting one of those pilgrim hats on the thumb? Smiley Happy

Here are some Thanksgiving-related pictures that might give you an idea:

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